FPW Rulebook
Version 3



Table of Contents:
Section 1: Points
  1. Multi-Match Penalty

Section 2: Bonus Points
  1. Match Event Bonus

  2. Situational Storyline Event Bonus

  3. PPV Event Bonus

  4. Physical Involvement Bonus

  5. "High Stakes Tiebreakers"

Section 3: Predictions
Section 4: Results
  1. Missed Tallies

  2. Match Result Storylines

  3. Commentary / Ringside Participants

Section 5: Seasons
Section 6: Rankings
  1. #1 Contender

  2. Active Players

  3. Removal of Commissioner and Administrators from Rankings

  4. Bonus Season Points

Section 7: Championships
  1. Ties during a Championship defense

  2. Physical Belt Transfer

Section 8: Money in the Bank
  1. Money in the Bank Bonus Scoring

  2. Physical Briefcase Transfer

Section 9: Promos
  1. Guidelines for Promos

  2. Impromtu Championship opportunities 

Section 10: NXT
Section 11: Undefined Rules


Folsom – San Bruno (FSB) is a prediction competition game based on results from World Wrestling Entertainment Pay-Per-Views (WWE PPVs).



(Section 1)


Each match will have a point value.  Participants will select who they believe will win each match up during a particular PPV.  Occasionally there will also be a bonus question pertaining to certain matchups.  Match predictions will be worth between one (1) to three (3) points.  Bonus questions will also be worth one (1) to three (3) points. Not every match will have a bonus question.


Multi-Match Penalty

(Sub Section 1)


When a wrestler is wrestling in more than one match on a card (for example, Entering the Royal Rumble and also another match in the same night)  The player will incur a two point penalty.  This penalty will not be applied to the “First match” and only to the “second match” of the Event.  This is to simulate fatigue from the first match.



(Section 2)


Certain situations will call for a Bonus Question.  In some instances this question will be based on the events of a particular match.  In other instances, it will depend on the events of the PPV as a whole.


Match Event Bonus

(Sub Section 1)


Event Bonus questions involve things that happen in a particular match. For example “Will Hulk Hogan be able to bodyslam Andre the Giant.”  Another type of Match Event Bonus will be numerically based and is fill in the blank. For example “How many chair shots will Mick Foley take to the head from bell to bell during the ‘I Quit’ match?”


Situational Storyline Event Bonus

(Sub Section 2)


Situational Storyline Event Bonus’ are multiple choice questions that involve multiple outcomes during a certain match. If a player chooses “None of these” or “All of these”, a correct answer is worth 2 point.  The other 2 answers are worth one point. If a player chooses A or B but, C is correct, a player will not receive credit for answer A or B. For example:


Which of these things will happen during the Sting and HHH WrestleMania Match?


  1. DX will come out to assist HHH (1 pt)

  2. Former WCW talent will come out to assist Sting (1 pt)

  3. All of these will happen (2 pts)

  4. None of these things will happen (2 pts)


PPV Event Bonus

(Sub Section 3)


A PPV Event Bonus question is a question involving the PPV as a whole. For example For example “Will Doink the Clown make an appearance at any time during the PPV?”   Another type of PPV Event Bonus will be numerically based and is fill in the blank. For example “How many times will we see a close up of a bored child throughout the PPV?”


Physical Involvement Bonus

(Sub Section 4)


A Physical Involvement Bonus involves the physical involvement of a person in a match in order to hurt or help another wrestler.  In order for a player to receive points for this question, The person must make physical contact with a participant or referee in a match.  Music playing and walking down the aisle doesn't count as “physical” involvement.   For example “Will Mr. Fuji become physically involved in the Yokozuna vs. Bret Hart match?”


“High Stakes Tiebreakers”

(Sub Section 5)


At the end of the predictions form, there will be up to 3 additional questions  that will be used to break a tie in Upper Card or other “High Stakes” contests.  These questions will generally be a “fill in the blank answer.”  In the event that players are still tied after the tie breaker question, the next question will be used.  This also applies if two players are equally close to the correct answer.  If a tie still exists after all tie breaker questions have been exhausted, the Commissioner will make a determination as to the next course of action.



(Section 3)


Predictions will be entered into a Google Form distributed by the FSB Commissioner (Commish).  This form will be distributed to participants at least 24 hours before the WWE PPV.  Participants will enter their predictions and submit the form back to the commissioner. The commissioner must receive these prediction forms before the first Pre-Show match at a minimum.  Any additional entries will be considered void unless, in the judgement of the commissioner, the entry is valid.



(Section 4)


Points will be tallied based on PPV results by the FSB Commish or FSB Administrators (Admins) during the PPV.  At the end of the event a winner will be declared based on Total Points from the event.  Efforts will be made to update points in real time. However, FSB Commish and Admins may be behind in tallying points.  Players will be informed when tallies are complete.


Missed Tallies

(Sub Section 1)


In the event a player feels that the points were miss tallied, they may request a recount of the points.  This request must be entered 24 hours after the end of the PPV.  It is highly recommend that players note their entries so that they may keep track of their own points.  The points are official 24 hours after the end of the PPV


Match Result Storylines

(Sub Section 2)


Winners of matches will be able write a narrative on how the events of the match occurred and how they were able to win the match.  Players are not required to write a narrative; However, it is highly encouraged.  The narrative will follow the stipulation of the match.  For example, If a player is booked in a Ladder Match, the player will not write a narrative for a Cage Match.  


Commentary/Ringside Participant

(Sub Sub Section 1)


In certain storyline situations, a separate player, independent of the match,  may be booked to sit at commentary or watch the match from ringside.  A player is only booked in these types ringside / commentary situations if it makes sense for the storyline and/or that player doesn't have anything else to do on that particular match card. Match participants do not have a say in whether someone gets booked to commentary or to ringside in their match or not.  The player ringside however would be given the option to be there or not).  Once the results are tallied, The In-Ring participant who won will be able to write a narrative.  If the ringside participant scored more points than the winner of the match, the ringside participant will be able to write their own narrative after the in-ring participant has written their narrative or has declined to write one.  If the player at ringside does not score better than the in-ring participant, The ringside player may not write a narrative.



(Section 5)


The WWE PPV’s WrestleMania and SummerSlam will be considered the end of a season totaling in 2 seasons per year.



(Section 6)


The totals from all the events of a season will be combined and the participants will be ranked accordingly.  These rankings will be to determine who will face the reigning Champion in that ranking bracket.  The two or three non Champions (based on Commish determination) with the highest Total Points for the season will be challenging the FSB Champion. The remaining participants will be ranked similarly except the lower tiers are not limited to how many participants will be in each tier.  They will challenge for the Intercontinental Championship which will be the Second Tier Championship. The Third Tier will be considered the “Jobber/Rookie” Tier.  When the total number of participants reaches more than 20 active players (see subsection 2), the Third Tier will become the US Championship (US) tier and the “Jobber/Rookie” tier will become the Fourth Tier. Rankings will be determined by Total Points for a season and players will be re ranked throughout the season.  Once WrestleMania and SummerSlam are complete, the previous rankings will reset and new rankings will be determined by Total Points from WrestleMania and SummerSlam.  Total points from WrestleMania and SummerSlam will carry into the next season.  Champions at the end of these events will remain in these tiers after the Ranking restructure.


#1 Contender

(Sub Section 1)


The Number One (#1) contender is the player who is a non champion that has the most points in that tier immediately after a championship defense PPV has concluded. The Commish may also name a #1 Contender based on merit.


Active Players

(Sub section 2)


Active players are players who have participated in at least 2 events in a row.  If a US Championship is opened and the number of active players drops to below 20, the US and IC Champions will compete head to head to unify the Championships.  If the number of Active players reaches more than 20 again, The loser of the IC vs US match up will become Interim Champion and will defend the Championship at the next PPV. If this player is no longer active, the FSB Commish will declare an Interim US based on Total Season points and the Championship will be defended in the same manner.


Removal of Commissioner and Administrators from Rankings

(Sub section 3)


After the roster reaches 30 Active Players, The Commissioner and Administrators will remove themselves from the Overall Rankings.  Additionally, they will not be booked in matchups with the rest of the Active Roster.  They may still make Promos and submit prediction sheets.  These points will not be counted toward rankings on the Active Roster


Bonus Season points

(Sub section 4)


Each player will be matched up against one or more players for each PPV.  Whoever wins these match ups will win additional bonus points toward their season total.  Non-Championship matches are worth (1) one bonus point and Championship matches are worth (2) two season points.



(Section 7)


Championships will be challenged for during PPVs throughout the year.  There are currently two championships within FSB.  These championships are the FSB World Championship and The FSB Intercontinental Championship.  Participants will challenge for the Championship in their Tier.  During the event, seasonal points are not in effect.  The winner of the Championship will be based on who wins Total Points of that particular event within a particular tier.  One participant who has been declared the #1 Contender (unless the FSB Commissioner declares multiple players will compete at one time during a match) will face the Champion within a particular Tier.  The winner of the PPV overall does not necessarily make this player the Champion.  The Intercontinental Championship (IC) and World Championship (WC).  These Championships will be defended on alternate PPV’s (ie. World Championship will be defended on Raw PPV’s and Intercontinental Championships defended during SmackDown PPV’s).  All titles will be defended during the “Big Four” PPV’s (WrestleMania, SummerSlam, SurvivorSeries, Royal Rumble)  If the Champion loses, he is required, at the request of the new champion, to send the Championship belt.  When a player with a lower overall score wins a championship, they are boosted to the top of that title brackets leaderboard.  They remain at the top of that bracket until that title is lost.  Once a title is lost, that player will be re-ranked according to their total season score.


Ties during a Championship defense

(Sub Section 1)


In the event a Champion and #1 Contender tie for points during a PPV, The title reverts back to the Champion due to Champions advantage.  The #1 Contender keeps his/her #1 Contendership and will go head to head again at the next PPV scheduled for that particular title to be defended. At the discretion of the FSB Commish, an additional player may be added to this match if another player feels that they are entitled to a Championship opportunity.  Additionally, If a tie occurs during a multiplayer defense, i.e., Triple Threat, Fatal Four way, there is no Champions advantage.  The players who tie will challenge for the belt at the very next PPV.


Physical Belt Transfer

(Sub Section 2)


If the Champion loses, (s)he is required, at the request of the new champion, to send the Championship belt via any courier service he sees fit.  The belt must arrive by the next PPV.  The new Champion will not incur any expense in receiving the belt, except in sending it to its next recipient, whenever that may occur.  The new Champion may decline the belt if they wish.  The holder of the physical belt in this case must send it to the next Champion at their request.  This same rule applies to the MIB Briefcase.



(Section 8)


Money in the Bank (MIB) will be challenged for during the Money in the Bank PPV.  The winner of the Event will win the MIB briefcase.  The winner then has one year, or until the next Money in the Bank PPV to Challenge for whichever Championship they choose during any PPV during the year.  The MIB briefcase holder must declare their challenge at least 24 hrs before the beginning of the Pre-Show.  The MIB holder and the Champion will compete with the participant collecting the most points for that particular event being declared the winner.  The vacant MIB will be won at the very next WWE PPV.  If the holder of MIB does not use their briefcase before the next Money in the Bank PPV, they are required to challenge for a championship during the Money in the Bank PPV or relinquish the briefcase.  At this Money in the Bank PPV, the 6 players with the highest Total Season Points will compete for the Vacant MIB with the winner gaining the MIB.  The commissioner may mandate a defense of the MIB briefcase at his discretion during the course of the season.  


Bonus Scoring When Cashing In MIB

(Sub Section 1)


When cashing in a MIB, the “Multi-Match Penalty” does not apply.  (see Section 1, Sub Section 1)  The player cashing in will also receive a 2 point bonus.


Physical Briefcase Transfer

(Sub Section 2)


After a MIB challenge, the physical holder of the MIB Briefcase must transfer the MIB to next holder at their request.  See Section 7, Subsection 2 (Physical Belt Transfer) for guidance concerning physical transfer of the MIB briefcase.


(Section 9)


Participants can gain up to three (3) Bonus Points for role playing as their character.  These role plays will be known as “Promos.”  A promo can consist of challenging a champion, boasting about oneself, making fun of other players characters, etc.  Promos that are short will gain one point.  Players can work together to build conversational/argumentative promos in order to gain more points. Although the maximum promo bonus points are limited to 3, players may continue to cut promos if they wish.  Cutting promos is not a requirement but it is highly recommended as these points may be the difference between winning a title and losing it.  It is also recommended that players collaborate and develop storylines with each other before posting promos.  There is no time limit on promos as long as the promo is entered into the approved medium before start the Pre-show of the PPV.  Although there is no time limits on promos, it is advised that players maximize their three (3) points before the next PPV.  Promos will be posted on the approved mediums mandated by the FSB Commish.  Currently the only approved medium is the FSB Facebook group page.  It is advised that players place the word “PROMO” or some other kind of marker in front of their post. (ie. Promo:, P:, pr:, in character:, IC:, ect..) This is so the Commish can distinguish comments as promos and so that players are not offended by comments made during promos.  Alternately, players may post an “Out of Character” post by placing a similar marker (ie. OOC)


Guidelines for Promos

(Sub Section 1)


Players will cut promos while keeping the following guidelines in mind.   Always roleplay your character's overall "power" according their standings in the seasonal leaderboards. IE, if you're in a rivalry with a player and are shooting promos back and forth, let your opponent win the majority of promo segments if their overall score is higher than yours, and vice versa.  Every wrestler has their strengths and weaknesses. If you're scoring well in the game, emphasize the strengths; if your scores are lacking, roleplay some of the weaknesses and give your opponent / rival a chance to exploit them.  Contacting your opponent via Direct Message or other means is highly encouraged.  If you wish to cut a promo in which there is physical contact with another player’s character, out of character collaboration via Direct Message with that player is required.


Impromptu Championship opportunities

(Sub Section 2)


During Promos, a player may challenge a Champion for their Championship.  This challenge can only be within a tier or one tier up. (ie, A player in the Jobber/Rookie tier can Challenge the FSB Champion but, it will not be granted.   However, they are permitted to cut a promo against them for bonus points. A player in the Jobber/Rookie tier can challenge the IC Champion and it will possibly be granted. If the Commish feels that the challenger is too low ranked to have earned said championship opportunity, it’s more likely they’ll be booked in a non-title #1 contender's match at the next PPV.)  If this challenge is issued before a PPV where that particular Championship is not being defended, the challenge will occur at that PPV.  The #1 Contender will remain the #1 Contender and will challenge for the Championship at the next scheduled PPV.  If the challenge is issued before a PPV where the title is already being defended the Championship can become a Triple Threat type challenge for the Championship.  Challenges will be judged subjectively by the FSB Commish and are based mainly on merit of the players past performances. Final approval for these challenges will be at the discretion of the FSB Commish and are not guaranteed.



(Section 10)


At the discretion of the FSB Comish, the NXT bracket may be opened.  All FSB players are invited to play.  This will be a side game based on results from NXT PPVs.  NXT will be independent from the Main FSB Game.  Point totals in NXT will not affect overall FSB point totals.   There will be one Champion.  The #1 Contender will be the player with the highest NXT Season points other than the Champion or the player named by the Commish based on merit.  There is no MiB. There are no player vs player match up bonus Season points.   Promo points will not be applied to NXT.  All other rules apply.


(Section 11)


If a situation arises that is not covered under this charter, The FSB Commissioner has final say on all disputed matters.  After this determination, a rules review will commence in order to create rules so that this particular situation will be covered under the charter for the future.  The Commish may also make changes to these rules at any time as he sees fit, except during an actual PPV.




v. 3


  • Added Section 1, Sub Section 1 -  Multi-Match Penalty


  • Added Section 9, Sub Section 1 - Guidelines for Promos.


  • Added Section 2,  Sub Section 5 - High Stakes Tiebreakers


  • Edited Section 9, Sub Section 1 - Guidelines for Promos


  • Moved Section 8, Sub Section 1 to Sub Section 2 - Physical Briefcase Transfer


  • Added Section 8, Sub Section 1 - Bonus Scoring When Cashing In MIB


  • Added Section 4, Sub Section 2 - Match Result Storylines


  • Added Section 4, Sub Section 2, Sub Sub Section 1 - Commentary/Ringside Participant

v. 2.1


  • Moved, Section 9, Sub Section 1 - Impromptu Championship opportunities to Sub Section 2


  • Added Section 9, Sub Section 1 - Guidelines for Promos.

v. 2


  • Added Subsections 1-4 to Section 2 - Bonus Points.  


  • Added language to Section 3, Subsection 1 - Rankings, #1 Contender - Comish may name a #1 Contender based on merit.


  • Added language to Section 4 - Results - Real time scorekeeping


  • Added Subsection 3 -4 to Section 6 - Rankings


  • Added language to Section 7, Subsection 1 - Championships, Ties during a Championship defense - Defined rules concerning ties during multi-player title defenses


  • Added language to Section 8 - Money in the Bank - Allows Comish to hold impromptu MiB defenses


  • Rearranged sentences in Section 8 - Money in the Bank


  • Added language to Section 9 - Promos - Encourages players to collaborate on Promos


  • Added Section 10 - NXT


  • Moved Undefined Rules from Section 10 to Section 11​


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