FSB Money in the Bank 2019

Updated: Jun 24, 2019

FSB Promo Recaps

*Last updated 5/19/19:

FSB Money in the Bank Roleplay Point Standings

*Last updated 5/19/19:

  1. Cody Cross - 3 pts.

  2. DJ Tech - 3 pts.

  3. Daniel Leslie - 3 pt.

  4. Omega - 3 pts.

  5. The Bulldog - 3 pts.

  6. The Change - 3 pts.

  7. Drifter MacGreed - 3 pts.

  8. Botiatus - 3 pts.

FSB Money in the Bank Match Results

*Last updated 6/19/19:

*The night kicked off with a Falls Count Anywhere match. The debuting Sovin was more than game but as he's done so many times before M.A.D. would once again give a rookie a rude welcoming and pick up a very close victory.

Result- M.A.D. defeats Sovin

*Two men with a mean streak a mile long put on an instant classic. Oli Chamber has been quickly making a name for himself in FSB but even with another dynamic performance he couldn't overcome one of the most impressive debuts in FSB history as Mitch Prosch introduced himself to the FSB Universe with huge victory.

Result- Mitch Prosch defeats Oli Chamber

*Adam James made his return to in ring action and quickly put any fears of ring rust to rest. Clemontime would hit the mark soon after as James cleaned house with The Janitor and got the victory.

Result- Adam James defeats The Janitor

*The next match saw another impressive rookie debut. VTG broke the trend and put away FSB veteran Dank The Clown with a beautiful Blue Thunder Bomb getting the victory.

Result- VTG defeats Dank The Clown

*Allen Duncan came in looking to prove himself against The Bulldog. However, Mr. Money In The Bank continued to prove his doubters wrong and be a thorn in the side of management as he squeaked out another close victory.

Result- The Bulldog defeats Allen Duncan

*The United States Championship match was once again a hotly contested affair. All three Stars looked poised at different points to walk out of the match with the belt. But the man who'd done more talking than anyone would back his words up and the beat would drop on the dawning of a new era as DJ Tech became the NEW United States Champion

Result- DJ Tech defeats Nightmare and The Change to win the United States Championship

*Three of FSB's sure fire future hall of famers squared off. The Star continued his recent return to form as he controlled the action and picked up another convincing victory.

Result- The Star defeats Brother Hero and Ryan Freakin Jacobs

*Cody Cross believes he is a champion of destiny. It's hard to argue after tonight. After surviving an early onslaught he'd recover and retain his Intercontinental Championship only to then suffer another attack from The Bulldog who would cash in his MITB Briefcase right after. But the Mad King would survive and dispatch his former ally as he retained for a second time in one night. "The match begins with Cody Cross and The King of Extreme: Daniel Leslie forgetting that it’s a triple threat match. They lock up and start trading blows. SpotMonkey uses they opportunity to take them both out with a springboard crossbody. With Cody and Daniel down, SpotMonkey goes to capitalize. He picks up Cody, and hits him with a hurricanrana DDT. Daniel gets up and it turns into a two on one assault. Both SpotMonkey and Daniel hitting moves on Cody. SpotMonkey would hit a dropkick, and Daniel would follow up with a Superman Punch. To which SpotMonkey would hit a Superkick, and Daniel would hit a spear. This went on for a while before Daniel hit SpotMonkey with a Last Ride Powerbomb. SpotMonkey would roll out of the ring, giving Cody enough time to hit Daniel with a spinebuster, causing Daniel to roll to the outside. Cody would follow up with a Tope Con Hilo. Both SpotMonkey and Daniel would sidestep it causing Cody to crash hard on the floor. Instead of capitalizing though Daniel and SpotMonkey would go after each other. They looked to be about evenly matched until finally SpotMonkey got the upper hand and locked in the Monkey lock which Daniel would fight out of allowing him to get the upper hand, then he would slam SpotMonkey against the barricade before picking him up and hitting him with a Tombstone Piledriver outside of the ring, but before Daniel could do anything else, Cody would lock in Insanity’s Clutch. A few seconds later Daniel would tap, and Cody would release the hold. He stood for a moment listening to the voices before picking up Daniel and driving him through the barricade. Then he turned his attention to SpotMonkey, He rolled him into the ring, and followed in after him. He picked him up as if going for Black Mass but instead Spartan Kicked him before picking him up again and hitting him with Alternating Forearms followed by a DDT. Daniel slid into the ring only for Cody to hit him with Fate’s Edge. Then Cody Tossed him out of the ring and hit SpotMonkey with Fate’s Gift, before locking in Insanity’s Clutch. SpotMonkey would struggle for a bit before tapping out.

Cody would sit in the middle of the ring for a minute before the referee would hand him the Intercontinental Championship. Cody would stand with Championship held high before getting hit in the back with a briefcase. Cody would fall hard and The Bulldog would cash in his Money in the Bank Briefcase. Bulldog would pick Cody up and hit the *Dirty Bulldog* on Cody before going for the pin. The audience had counted to 3 before the referee even got into position. Then he began to count. 1….. 2….. and before he hit the mat for three Cody kicked out. Bulldog went for his finisher again but Cody reversed it into Fate’s Gift, and then hit Descent into Madness, before going for the pin. The referee counted 1.. 2.. 3. And announced Cody as the Winner." ~Cody Cross

Result- Cody Cross defeats Daniel Leslie, Spotmonkey and The Bulldog (via cash in) to retain the Intercontinental Championship

*At this point the FSB Universe has come to expect nothing less than 5 star matches whenever Drifter and Omega step into the ring. Tonight was no exception as they battled it out once again for The World Heavyweight Championship. And once again the challenger walked away victorious as Omega regained the belt that Drifter took from him at Wrestlemania.

Result- Omega defeats Drifter to win the FSB World Heavyweight Championship

*Money In The Bank was a chaotic affair that left bodies strewn everywhere. At the end of the match two men would find themselves battling each other on a ladder in pursuit of the briefcase. Thomas Metcalf and Botiatus would dish out punishment to each other but the former dual champion would not be denied as he would outlast his competition and retrieve the briefcase to become the NEW Mr. Money In The Bank

Result- Botiatus defeats Thomas Metcalf, Youngblood, Orangetuna, The Dominator, Aleister Crowley, Amanda and Shane to win the Money In The Bank Briefcase

**Congratulations to all of tonight's winners. As always you may leave a match summary detailing your win for a RP point. Season 7 is now in full swing and with the growing roster it's shaping up to be the most competitive season yet. We're looking forward to seeing you all at the next PPV!**

Season 7 Rankings Post-MitB 2019:

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