FSB Wrestlemania 2020

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

FSB Wrestlemania 2020 Match Results

*Last updated 4/6/20:

*This opening match was meant to be a showcase of up and coming talent in FSB. It almost stole the entire show. The trio of FSB Rookies showed up and showed out in a crowd pleasing affair. When the dust settled, Thandos would be the one with his hand raised as he'd kickstart his career in FSB with a huge win on the grandest stage of them all.

Result- Thandos defeats Killer Kross and Xadas

*Fans dubbed this match the "Next Up Challenge". With both men already having secured future title shots, this match turned into a technical display as both men took their time feeling each other out. Dylan Wade was impressive yet again but The Bulldog has been on an absolutel roll lately. He'd pick up the victory and extend his winning streak as his evolution continues both inside the ring and out.

Result- The Bulldog defeats Dylan Wade

*Money In The Bank at WrestleMania sounds like a dream match. It would end as a Nightmare. In typical fashion, this match was a hotly contested affair with several close calls. What wasn't typical was the ridiculous feat of strength Nightmare would display to finally clear the ring and secure the briefcase.

Result- Nightmare defeats Amanda, The Change, Ouija, Adam James, Spotmonkey, Craigstation and Daniel Leslie to win Money In The Bank

*This wasn't a match, it was an all out brawl. Brother Andrew has made fast enemies of Chaos Revolution and DJ Tech eagerly stepped up to defend his brotherhood. After beating each other half to death, Brother Andrew appeared to have the match in hand but Omega would come to his brothers aid and help DJ Tech to escape the Steel Cage first and win the match.

Result- DJ Tech defeats Brother Andrew

*Arguably the two greatest Intercontinental champions in FSB history went toe to toe for the belt. This is a match that fans have been hoping for for months but it wasn't the match most expected they'd get. Botiatus has turned a new leaf recently and that change in attitude would be on full display as his attacks were ruthless. Havok however is no slouch and he'd dish it back just as good as he took it. But after fighting his way back into the match Havok would be caught by surprise as Bo would hit him with his new finisher, the devastating House Call Elbow, to get the victory and become the NEW Intercontinental Champion.

Result- Botiatus defeats Havok to win the Intercontinental Championship

*The main event of WrestleMania and The World Heavyweight Championship at steak. A fitting way to end the hottest rivalry in all of FSB. Allen Duncan has been at war with Chaos and more specifically Omega for months now. After failing in his first attempt to capture the World Title he grinded his way through the Royal Rumble to earn another opportunity at Omega and the belt. After several fiery encounters between them in the build up they'd finally clash in what can only be described as an epic encounter. Omega has had his share of close calls defending his title and this one was as close as it gets but somehow, someway, Omega was able to yet again retain his belt and finally put and end to his rivalry with Duncan.

Result- Omega defeats Allen Duncan to retain the World Heavyweight Championship

GM Note: "Congratulations to all of the winners. They're have already been a couple awesome match summary promos and we hope to see a few more in the coming days. Season 9 is upon us! Unfortunately with the state of things currently we have to wait and see when the next PPV will be but rest assured the second that we know, you will as well. We. Are. FSB!" ~GM T Booker

Season 8 Rankings Post-Royal Rumble 2020:

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