FSB Wrestlemania 2019

*Wrestlemania kicked off with the largest Clifford the Giant Battle Royal in FSB history. With so many Stars looking to make a name for themselves the action was fast and intense. In the end Lewis Power lived up to his name, bulldozing though the competition and getting the win

Result- Lewis Power wins Clifford the Giant Memorial Battle Royal

*Next up was a Triple Threat Match between 3 of FSB'S rising stars. With all 3 men having picked up PPV wins within the last few months this was a chance to stand out on the grandest stage and put themselves firmly in title contention. When the dust settled, Spotmonkey would do just that and have his hand held high in victory

Result- Spotmonkey defeats Ryan and Adam James

*In what fans were calling an instant Mania classic, the United States Championship was a back and forth affair with wild momentum swings. Shane Horan pulled out every trick in the book in his title bid but Nightmare continued to be a killer of dreams as he managed to hold onto his title

Result- Nightmare defeats Shane Horan to retain the United States Championship

*Money In The Bank was yet another show stopping affair. However it also brought the biggest surprise of the night. After months of turmoil both inside the ring and out and also facing a stacked lineup of former champions, The Bulldog overcame all odds to secure the briefcase and get the biggest win of his career

Result- The Bulldog defeats Amanda, The Star, JT Will, Ryan Freakin Jacobs and M.A.D. to win the MITB Briefcase

*This has been one of the most heated rivalries in FSB history. The Intercontinental Championship almost seemed like an afterthought as from the opening bell it was clear that both Stars were truly intent not on simply winning the match but ending each other all together. From the Cell to tables to near count outs the crowd was brought to its feet time after time. But when all was said and done Cody would be the last man standing as The NEW FSB Intercontinental Champion "Echo Chamber by Despite plays and Mr. Hellsaint makes his way to the ring, in his referee outfit. Halfway up the ramp, he stops and looks back, Echo Chamber is replaced by Eater of Worlds by Everyone Loves a Villain. Cody Cross comes out, and they make their way to the ring together. As soon as they are both in the ring, Famous by Puddle of Mudd plays and Botiatus walks to the ring. He gets in the ring and the cell lowers.

First stage of Hell: Hell in a Cell Match:

The match starts off fast paced. Botiatus and Cody exchange strikes, as Mr. Hellsaint watches them intently. The action in the match gets more intense as Botiatus went for a Dropkick, Cody sidestepped, waited for Botiatus to get up, went for a Black Mass Kick, which Botiatus would block and then go for a Capture Suplex. Cody would counter and break free before attempting to hit his Alternating Forearms, which Botiatus would block. Botiatus would then grab Cody to try to DDT him, but Cody would fight free, and attempt a DDT of his own, which Botiatus would counter, and lift Cody up for a Vertical Suplex. Cody would wiggle out of it, and land behind Botiatus. Quickly Cody hit Botiatus with a Snap German Suplex. Once Botiatus got back to his feet Cody would Clothesline him over the top rope and onto the floor. Cody would move quickly to capitalize but an Irish Whip would be reversed by Botiatus sending Cody crashing into the corner of the cell. As Cody slowly got to his feet, Botiatus would hit a picture perfect Dropkick. Botiatus struggled to move quickly, rolling Cody into the ring. He’d scoop the legs, and Mr. Hellsaint would count, but it would only be a nearfall, as Cody would grab the rope. Botiatus got up, and argued with Mr. Hellsaint that it was a slow count. To which Mr. Hellsaint told Botiatus to try again. Botiatus moved Cody away from the ropes, and Mr. Hellsaint, did a fast count but at 2 Cody kicked out. Cody would slowly get to his feet and Botiatus would hit a Fallaway Slam, and Cody would roll out of the ring, using the cell to pull himself back to his feet. Botiatus would come up from behind, and slam Cody into the cell wall. He then would bounce Cody’s head off the cell 3 times, He went for a fourth time but Cody blocked him, and countered with an uppercut to the jaw. Cody would then bounce Botiatus’s head off the cell 3 times before throwing him back into the ring. He would quickly follow in after him. Botiatus would struggle to get to his feet as Cody called for the end. Now standing, Cody would call for Descent into Madness but Botiatus would counter, landing behind Cody, and then hitting him with a Headlock Backbreaker. Barely getting his shoulder up in time, Cody would beat the count. As Cody got back to his feet, Botiatus would pounce, hitting several European Uppercuts, and a Capture Suplex. Another 2 count. Botiatus would grab Cody again but Cody would knee him in the gut, and toss him over the top rope. He would follow out after him. Botiatus got to his feet, only to be speared through the cell wall. Both men struggled to get to their feet. Cody would be the first one up, and after hitting a Windup Elbow Drop on Botiatus would climb the cell wall up to the top. He would taunt at the crowd as Botiatus would get to his feet and follow up after him. Once on top of the Cell the two men would trade strikes once again. Before long Cody got the upper hand and locked in Insanity’s Clutch. Botiatus struggled for a while but ended up tapping out. However Mr. Hellsaint allowed the match to continue. Informing Cody that it wasn’t falls count anywhere. So Cody released the hold, and lifted Botiatus to his feet for a Falcon Arrow, through the top of the cell, sending both men sprawling on the mat below. Cody would drape an arm over Botiatus for the 1.. 2.. 3..

The Cell would rise off the ground, as Cody, and Botiatus struggled to get to their feet for the second stage of hell.

Cody: 1 Botiatus: 0

Second Stage of Hell: Tables Match:

The action would start off slower here, as both men tried to conserve energy and get the upper hand. Slowly, and Eventually Cody gets the upper hand by hitting Botiatus with a series of Alternating Forearms, followed by a DDT. However Botiatus rolls to the outside, and slowly gets to his feet. Cody comes flying out of the ring for a Tope Con Hilo but Botiatus sidesteps him, and pounces. Botiatus hits Cody with a Back Suplex onto the announce table and as Cody lays on the floor, Botiatus grabs a table and sets it up in the middle of the ring. Cody slides slowly into the ring as the 2 men trade blows once again. Botiatus gets the upper hand this time by hitting Cody with an elbow to the jaw, stunning him briefly. Botiatus then capitalizes with a Vertical Suplex, followed by a ground and pound type offence before picking Cody up and hitting him with House Rules. Cody is out. So Botiatus picks him up, and Powerbombs him through the table. Mr. Hellsaint would call for the bell, as Cody crawled to the ropes.

Cody: 1 Botiatus: 1

Cody would use the ropes as leverage to stay standing, as Mr. Hellsaint made sure both men could continue.

Third Stage of Hell: Last Man Standing Match.

Botiatus would attempt to capitalize by clothesling Cody over the top rope but Cody would kind of fall over, and pull the rope down, sending Botiatus sprawling to the outside. Cody would then attempt a Tope Con Hilo for the second time in the match, but Botiatus would once again sidestep it. Botiatus would then capitalize hitting a DDT, followed by a Vertical Suplex, and a Fallaway Slam on the outside. Mr. Hellsaint would begin a count but Cody would make it to his feet at 5. Botiatus would move to continue his onslaught but Cody would roll into the ring. When Botiatus went to follow, Cody rolled out. Cody then proceeded to go back and forth turning the match into a game of cat and mouse for 2 minutes before sneakingly grabbing a chair, and waiting. When Botiatus followed after Cody once more, Cody hit him in the gut with the chair, then he hit him across the back. He would rain down the chair shots for a minute before throwing Botiatus into the ring. Botiatus would use the ropes to get back to his feet, and would lean in the corner, trying to regain some stamina. However he wouldn’t be able to as Cody would get in the ring and start raining punches down on Botiatus’s head. Botiatus would slump into the corner on the ground, and Cody would start stomping him out. He then picks up Botiatus and to the horror of Mr. Hellsaint, Cody would hit a Ura Shouten on Botiatus. He would then pick Botiatus back up and start to set up a Hellbomb, before stopping as he listened to the voices. After a while he released Botiatus and hit him with a Spartan Kick, followed up with a Black Mass, then a Twist of Fate. Botiatus laid there as Mr. Hellsaint began a count, but Cody would bring the count to a stop when he hit an Inverted Phoenix Splash, and picked Botiatus up and hit him in quick succession with Fate’s Hand, Fate’s Edge, and Fate’s Gift. Then he would lock in Insanity’s Clutch, as Botiatus starts to fade, Cody releases the hold and hits Descent into Madness, before picking Botiatus up and hitting it again, and again. Ensuring Botiatus would stay down. Mr. Hellsaint would count to 10 as Botiatus struggled to get to his feet.

Cody: 2 Botiatus: 1

Your winner and NEW Intercontinental Champion: Cody Cross.

After the match Cody, and Mr. Hellsaint would help Botiatus to his feet, only for Cody to hit him with a Sit-Out Uranage. Mr. Hellsaint and Cody would then walk to the back with smiles on their faces as Eater of Worlds by Everyone Loves a Villain plays." ~Cody Cross

Result- Cody Cross defeats Botiatus in 3 Stages of Hell match to win the Intercontinental Championship

*The main event was an all out battle for the ages. All 3 men had traded victories in the past and had years of FSB experience. However one man came into Mania riding a tidal wave of momentum that carried him all the way to gold. Even a cash in attempt would be in vain as the night belonged to The NEW FSB World Heavyweight Champion Drifter

Result- Drifter defeats Omega, The Change and Brother Hero to win the World Heavyweight Championship

** Congratulations to all winners. You may leave a match summary for an RP point. It's a new season and we've got some new blood in here that's shaken up the leaderboards quite a bit! Money In The Bank just happens to be the next PPV so we'll be awarding another briefcase. If you'd like to be in the match please let us know! See you all there!

Season 7 Rankings Post-Wrestlemania 2019:

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