FSB TLC 2019

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

FSB TLC 2019 Match Results

*Last updated 12/21/19:

*The night kicked off with a singles match as FSB's newest recruit put on a show in a convincing victory. The self proclaimed A-lister made it clear that he will be one to watch closely as the road the Wrestlemania now begins

Result- A-List Alijah defeats The Abominable Yeet

*In a hard sitting affair, Shane and Nightmare used chairs to dish out plenty of punishment to each other. In the end Shane was able to get a bounce back victory and put himself in prime position heading into the Rumble

Result- Shane defeats Nightmare in a Chair's Match

*The crowd is always asking for tables and this match delivered them in plenty. Both men would use tables in a variety of ways but Spotmonkey would end up being put through two tables at once to give Adam James the victory

Result- Adam James defeats Spotmonkey by putting him through a table

*This one started with a shocker as Allen Duncan mysteriously found his way into the match after not being medically cleared to compete for weeks. He'd become the first man to ever win back to back briefcases. It was a historic moment for FSB and a head scratcher at the same time since there are supposed to be rules against that kind of thing. Nevertheless, Duncan has the briefcase in his possession once again and T. Booker has vowed to get to the bottom of what happened here

Result- Allen Duncan defeats Cody Cross, Brother Hero, Ouija, Amanda and The Bulldog to win Money In The Bank

*Many have tried but no one has seemed able to wrestle the 24/7 Championship away from Botiatus. With Chaos Revolution looking to hoard all the gold for themselves it would be Daniel Leslie who stepped up to the challenge at TLC. Unfortunately he would fall short of his goal as Bo retained his title

Result- Botiatus defeats Daniel Leslie to retain the 24/7 Championship

*The Star has been on an impressive run recently as he's picked up multiple wins. Tonight was his opportunity to become only the 3rd Triple Crown champion in FSB history. But DJ Tech has been obsessed with regaining the United States Championship and in a match of the year contender, DJ was just able to squeak out a victory and become a two time United States Champion

Result- DJ Tech defeats The Star to become the NEW United States Champion

*Kevin came into this match with plenty of confidence after winning a battle royale to earn his title shot. But Havok has done nothing but turn his name into reality since joining FSB. The end of the year awards are right around the corner and Havok has made the Rookie Of The Year race all but a forgone conclusion after another dominant victory

Result- Havok defeats Kevin to retain the Intercontinental Championship

*A Steel Cage, check. A guest referee, check. The World Heavyweight Championship on the line in one of the most personal feuds FSB has ever seen, check. What could possibly go wrong? Everything of course, this is FSB after all! Despite T. Bookers best efforts to keep this one clean, Chaos Revolution would once again throw a monkey wrench into the plans and when the dust settled TLC would close as so many PPVS have this year with Alpha raising his title high "As both combatants enter the ring.(The Change has a surprise for Omega) A steel cage lowers down and there's a surprise guest referee Bo. Bo holds up the world title. Bo Tells both of them the rules. You cannot win by escaping the cage you can only went through pinfall and submission inside of the cage. The Ref forgetting to lock the cage. The bell rings but Omega ask for a mic. (Omega speaks) Brothers hahaha it's so very good to see you, I hope the last pay-per-view didn't put any hard feelings between us ha ha ! Change I'm going to teach you a lesson!

Change Super kicks Omega and grabs him throwing him against the steel cage, and laughing at Omega uncontrollably. Yelling at Omega "you changed you turn our chaos into madness and now I'm going to make it right. Omega goes for a Devastation Kick,Change ducks and locks in a release German Suplex. When Omega trys to get up, Change knees Omega in the Face. Dropping Omega then Change keeps the pace up with a drop kick.

Change and Omega go toe to toe with, haymakers mat wrestling and top ropes action. Omega lands a a Devastation kick and drops Change.Then Omega goes to the top of the cage and does a splash. Change moves out the way at the last second. Then delivered a Fear of Change when all of sudden Daniel comes out pf nowhere and knocks out the ref. Then pulls Bo out the ring and beats down Bo. Then slams him up against the steel cage. Change delivers another fear of change to Omega then tries to come and help Bo. But stops when he sees who is attacking Bo. The Change and Daniel stare at each other for a moment, but then Daniel is dropped by Bo with House Rules. All of a sudden random wrestlers from the locker room comes out to attack Bo. Bo grabs the 24/7 title and escapes through crowd. As Change is looking at what's going on, he is hit with a Devastation kick then a second one. Then Omega hits his finisher Alpha's Ending. Omega laugh as he goes for the cover. Daniel then shakes the referee that he knocked out and throw him back into the ring the referee slowly counts 1 2 3. Daniel comes into the ring to raise Omega's hand. Omega leaves the cage laughing, Daniel and Change have a stare-down as TLC Fades to Black." ~Omega

Result- Alpha defeats The Change to retain the FSB World Heavyweight Championship

**Congrats to all of tonight's winners. We'll be doing a special End of The Year awards ceremony which should post to the group before New Year's Day. After that the Royal Rumble is up next as we kickoff the Road to Wrestlemania! We. Are. FSB! ~GM T Booker

Season 8 Rankings Post-TLC 2019:

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