FSB TLC 2018

Updated: Jan 2, 2019

*The show kicked off with a singles match between Shane and Spotmonkey. Shane would take control early and survive a late flurry from Spotmonkey, getting the pin and the opening victory.

Result: Shane defeats Spotmonkey

"The Champ would push the pace right from the opening bell. A series of chops and Irish Whips were matched by the challenger as Bulldog showed he would not be intimidated or upstaged. A series of headbutts would lay Botiatus out as Bulldog would move to apply a British Crab. The Champ would struggle in pain as Bulldog barked at him to quit. He'd eventually reach the bottom rope and use it as leverage to break the hold, flipping The Bulldog to the mat. The champ would then apply ADT as roles were reversed and now Botiatus was goading The Bulldog to quit. The Challenger would struggle towards the bottom rope but the Champ would use leverage to force the crawl to move in a spinning direction, keeping the ropes out of reach. The crowd was on its feet as their appeared no way out but The Bulldog would grab the refs foot and force him into Botiatus, breaking the hold. Now with both men down and the ref hurt as well, Cody Cross would rush out to the ring with a chair in hand. Botiatus would make it back to his feet first as Cross slid into the ring. He'd toss the Champ the chair, following it with a spinning heel kick that smashed the chair into Botiatus face knocking him out cold. Cody would then be joined by his Knight, now back on his feet and retrieving another chair. They'd set Botiatus up for a Con-Chair-To but at the last second the ref would get back to his feet and grab the chair out of Cody's hands. He would be promptly ejected from ringside to the delight of the crowd and while the ref forced Cross up the ramp The Bulldog would argue from the ropes. With Cross finally ejected The Bulldog would turn around to find Botiatus back on his feet and with Cody's chair now in his hands. With the other chair laying just outside the ring The Bulldog would attempt to quickly hop the ropes but Botiatus would pull him down from behind, causing the Challengers feet to hook between the second and third ropes and leaving him hanging from the ropes. Botiatus would deliver what seemed like a never ending cycle of chair shots, calling for The Bulldog to quit after each one. The Challenger would continue to decline until eventually he was out cold. The ref would at that point have no choice but to signal for the bell. Botiatus arm was raised in victory as medical staff tended to The Bulldog. The Champ collected his title and looked over at his battered opponent, shaking his head at the resolve of The Bulldog who was arguing to continue the match after having just been revived"


Result: Botiatus defeats The Bulldog to retain the United States Championship

*Don't call it a Deathmatch! Although the name almost could've been fitting as both men would bleed to the point that medical staff would have to assess their ability to still compete. These guys are old school though so there would be no stoppage, just more carnage. Chris Xtreme would avenge his loss last month and prove himself to be the real King of Hardcore (for the night anyways)

Result: Chris Xtreme defeats "The King Of Extreme"- Daniel Leslie in a Hardcore Extreme Rules Match

*Money In The Bank was once again a wild and heated affair. Leaps from ladders were often as were crowd clearing wipeouts. When the dust settled Brother Hero was freeing the briefcase to secure his future title shot.

Result: Brother Hero defeats Amanda, Jeremiah Blackwell, Markvs III, Craigstation and Nightmare to win the MITB Briefcase

"As the opening bell rang, both Stars stood center ring trading heated words. The fists would soon start flying as blows were traded with Botiatus eventually getting the better and clotheslining Cody over the rope and onto the floor. The Champ would move quickly to capitalize but an Irish Whip would be reversed by Cross sending Botiatus crashing into the corner of the Cell. As the Champ slowly got to his feet, Cody took advantage hitting a picture perfect Enziguri off the Cell wall. The King struggled to move quickly, rolling the unconscious Botiatus into the ring. He'd scoop the legs but the Champ would grab the bottom rope at the last second to the relief of the crowd. He'd then quickly pull himself out of the ring and back onto his feet, pacing away as he tried to gather himself. The King would quickly follow, coming from behind and driving Botiatus towards the Cell wall again but this time he'd use his foot to stop himself, followed by a hard elbow to the Kings jaw. The two would trade blows but a knee to the gut folded the Champ before he was driven into the Cell wall again. Cross grabbed Botiatus by the head, screaming "YOU WILL BOW TO ME" while lifting him up. He'd viciously slam the Champs head into the Cell, sending him to one knee. Cross drew the ire of the crowd, posing as Botiatus was now kneeling in front of him. He'd pick Botiatus up again while still taunting "I TOLD YOU THAT YOU WOULD BOW". He'd attempt to slam the Champs head again but Botiatus would resist and land another counter elbow to the jaw. Now clearly enraged, Botiatus would grab Cody by the head and smash it repeatedly against the Cell, to the delight of the crowd. The King would stumble away with blood streaming from his head. As he escaped into the ring Botiatus quickly followed. As Cross struggled to his feet Botiatus signaled the end to the crowd. Now standing, the Champ set up Cross for a House Rules but The King would counter and whip The Champ into the ropes and into a thunderous Falcon Arrow. Barely getting his shoulder up in time, the Champ beat the three count. Cody stood, seething with anger but then suddenly his demeanor calmed and a faraway look came to his eyes. As Botiatus returned to his feet Cody pounced on him, landing a series of alternating elbows followed by a DDT. Another two count. Still with a faraway look Cody quickly grabbed the Champ again but this time Botiatus caught him by surprise and rolled him up into a Small Package. Cody kicked out at two and as he flipped onto his stomach Botiatus was now the one to pounce, quickly locking in ADT. With blood streaming down his face and the submission move quickly cutting off circulation to his brain, Cody began to fade quickly. As the crowd cheered and the King's eyes grew heavy his Knight, The Bulldog would rush out with a chair in hand, much like Cody had done earlier that night. As the ref lifted Cody's hand to check for consciousness the Bulldog began banging the chair against the locked Cell door, drawing the refs attention. The stripes would quickly eject Bulldog from ringside but he would ignore the ref and continue banging. The ref would signal for additional help and step outside the ring. Additional security would come out and the frustrated Champ would release his hold on Cross to argue with Bulldog from the ropes as FSB security now surrounded him. With Bulldog now finally giving up and dropping the chair, the satisfied Champ turned around into a Black Mass that landed flush, knocking him out instantly. But with the ref and security solely focused on the Bulldog, all of their backs were turned to the ring. Bulldog tried desperately to get them to turn around as Cody had the cover for at least five seconds but security would have none of it as they continued to walk him up the ramp. Cody would rise and angrily argue with the ref from the ropes. He'd turn around into a House Rules. There'd be no beating the count this time." ~Botiatus

Result: Botiatus defeats Cody Cross to retain the Intercontinental Championship

*Another World Heavyweight Championship Match has produced another Match Of The Year candidate. The Triple Threat Match for the World Heavyweight Championship ended the year on an especially high note. All three Stars took full advantage of the match stipulation as a slew of tables, ladders and chairs were used to dish out punishment. Drifter and Alpha would each have opportunities to win but both ended up watching from the mat as The Change grabbed the belt.

Result: The Change defeats Drifter and Alpha to become the New World Heavyweight Champion "FSB TLC was afoot, the fans were anxious and definitely satisfied by what had already taken place. We saw Botiatus hold down his house winning both his Title matches. We'd get to see a true battle of the extreme between the Veteran ChrisXtreme and The King of Extreme Daniel Leslie. Both men leaving it in the ring and putting on a one of a kind show. We'd see a new Money in the Bank holder crowned, what Championship would Brother Hero seek out? This was a hot topic between commentators as the show went on. As fans cheered for the next and final match to begin when the stadium darkned, the titantron would display static as Believer by Imagine Dragons began to play. The stadium illuminated as the Change would make his was down the ramp and into the ring. Just as Change entered said ring Alpha's music would play and a mixed react of cheers and boos from the crowd. Now two men in the ring never taking eyes from one another, the champions music would play as Drifter made his way to the top of the ramp the crowd erupts in cheers as the hardest working man in FSB made his way into the ring himself, now all three men passing looks back and forth. Table, ladders and chairs were aplenty scattered around the ring and down the ramp. Drifter pointed up at the World Title and then to himself. The ref then about to signal for the bell when the Stars music began to play, Star making his way to the ring with a zebra shirt on, all 3 men and the current ref looked stunned, a mic in hand Star spoke; " i have been authorized by tye powers that be, T Booker AND Commissioner Combs as a special guest referee for this special triple threat world title match, so without further wait, try not to bore these people" Star then signaled for the bell and the match would start. The announcers, the crowd all on their feet now. These fans have seen the matches between Drifter and Change, they've seen the battles with Change and Alpha, they've witnessed Drifter beating Alpha for the World Title it was time. All 3 men exchanged looks before meeting center of the ring and exchanging a fist bump for respect. Change looked to Drifter as Alpha lunged forward landing a double clothesline to both men, up to their feet they would retaliate by teaming up to throw Alpha from the ring, now outside Alpha began to argue with himself some before returning to face Drifter and Change, an all out brawl consuming them. Hard lefts and quick rights were exchanged between them, Drifter batlling hard eventually pushing Change and Alpha away from him and taunting. Alpha looked to Change, they both nod and exit the ring, Alpha would grab a ladder, change would set up a table as Alpha maneuvers the ladder and himself back into the ring. The table set up just outside the ring now, Change would turn to see Alpha barreling towards him as drifter whipped him that way, Change was just able to dive out of the way and Alpha would crash into the table breaking through. Change looked at Alpha then to Drifter, then to Alpha then back to Drifter as he climbed back into the ring....Change would yell out before charging Drifter, the 2 of them going all out now, power moves, trading technical locks. Change would whip Drifter into the corner and leave him there, checking on Alpha who was returning to his feet, now a ladder set up just to the left of the belt, Change began the climb, Drifter would follow meeting at the top where blows would be exchanged. Suddenly another ladder was being set up to their right by Alpha, climbing it as Drifter gained an esge on Change knocking him down but still in the ring. All 3 men tired and battered, but atop this ladder Alpha and Drifter continued to battle for position when suddenly Enzo Amore's music hit, he yelled out S A W F T to the crowd and charged the ring, making his way up the ladder behind Alpha and using his own weight to pull him down and tossing Alpha outside the ring, frustrated Alpha again began to argue with himself, watching Enzo urge Drifter towards the hanging belt, Drifter made his way up the ladder, fans in awe as Alpha let out a Warcry and did the unthinkable, walking up the ramp holding his head. Now Star in the ring, as he was the referee, he approached Enzo and tells hin to leave, he won't have his match ruined. Enzo yells to Star that he's SAWFT which lit a fire in Star, he'd had enough, snapping on Enzo he delivered a superkick at close range knocking Enzo into the ladder Drifter was on just as he had a hand on the belt, effectively causing the ladder and Drifter to tumble. Change to his feet now shocked by all that transpired, he looked around then up, exhausted he made his way up the remaining ladder, the crows, the commentary, the FSB universe at home all on the edge of their seats. Change gave a final push, reached out and unhooked the belt from its hanging place, he had won. The crowd erupted as Believer began to play, he had actually won. Star would officially ring the bell and the match was over. Star motioned for a mic and the music to be cut now standing with a battered Change. Star grabbed his hand and raised it. "Congratulations Champ, you deserve...." Is all he could utter as he was kicked in the stomach, in an instant he was on the mat as he was stunned by a Fear of Change. Change grabs the mic from Stars hand and spoke; "No Star, you deserve it, as a vet of this company you let me us all down with your performance at Survivor Series, even as World Champion I still have every intent to come after my vet team, this isn't over for any of you." His music began to play again and the show closed out." ~The Change

GM Note: "Congratulations to all of tonight's winners. It's been a great year for FSB and 2019 will be even better! I'll be putting together a fun little Slammys style end of the year awards to honor some of the great matches and feuds of the year. I look forward to seeing your match summaries and Royal Rumble is up next so every man on the roster will be vying for the main event at Wrestlemania!" ~GM T Booker

Season 6 Rankings Post-TLC 2018:

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