FSB Survivor Series 2019

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

FSB Survivor Series 2019 Match Results

*Last updated 12/4/19:

*The PPV kicked off with an Intercontinental Championship opportunity on the line in a Battle Royale. FSB newcomer Kevin made a strong statement by outlasting seven other superstars to win his debut match

Results- Kevin wins Kickoff Battle Royale to become the new No. 1 Contender for the Intercontinental Championship

*Cody and Havok went to war yet again for the Intercontinental Championship, this time in a 15 minute Ironman Match. Both men would trade pinfalls but Havok would come up with the decisive fall in the closing seconds af he denied fate and became the NEW Intercontinental Champion

Result- Havok defeats Cody to win the Intercontinental Championship

*Bulldog had a point to prove as he attempted to run the gauntlet at his own request. He would come oh so close as well after beating both Spotmonkey and Nightmare but a third and final victory would elude him as he would fall to The Star

Result- The Bulldog does not complete The Gauntlet

*The 5 on 5 Elimination Match was a culmination of months of bad blood on both sides. With so many different personal rivalries tied into one match the eliminations came fast and heavy. The end of the match would see Omega down 2 to 1 but he would prove once again why he's the longest reigning champion in FSB history by getting both eliminations for his team to be the sole survivor.

"The match starts off with Daniel and Bulldog. Bulldog is furious from his loss in his Gauntlet match and as Daniel discusses last minute strategy with his corner he turns right inunu Bulldog's finisher as he quickly pins Daniel and gets the 3 count. The crowd is stunned as Daniel is eliminated and Bulldog is pumped roaring to the crowd as Allen Duncan jumps in the ring and quickly superkicks Bulldog. Duncan gets the pinfall Bulldog is eliminated. Ouija comes in the ring and begins trading blows. Ouija gets the better of Duncan but then loses sight of the match and starts to talk to his master (aka himself). Ouija distracted takes a superkick from Duncan eno scores his second pin as Ouija is eliminated. Cody immediately flips into the ring and Duncan can't even fully get back to his feet before being blasted by a Spartan Kick into the ropes and right back into Descent Into Madness. Cody gets the pin and Duncan is eliminated. Havoc quickly rushes the ring and rains down a barrage of punches that quickly puts Cody in the corner. Cody rolls out the ring and waves off the match as he walks to the back. Cody is counted out giving Havoc the elimination but Havoc is distracted as he continues yelling after Cody. Bo slips into the ring and quickly hits Havoc with House Rules and gets the pinfall as Havoc is eliminated. DJ Gets into the ring ready to engage Bo. Bo looks at DJ with a smirk on his face and simply tags in The Change. DJ goes into a rage as he kicks the ropes and shouts things that nobody can understand as he continuously yells at Bo to fight him. Bo turns his back looking the other way unworried. DJ's rave boils over as he flattens Change with a clothesline. Bo fakes getting into the ring and DJ is momentarily distracted before being hit with a Fear of Change. DJ is eliminated and Alpha slowly gets into the ring. He stares across at Change calling him Judas over and over as he begs him to throw the first punch but Change tags in Bo and laughs at Alpha. All of a sudden Daniel runs out and pulls Change off the apron. He lands on his and gives Daniel a death stare. With everybody looking at Daniel, Alpha takes advantage and hits Bo with the unthinkable House Rules! Alpha gets the pin shocking everyone in the arena leading into a chant of HOLY SHIT! With Bo eliminated, Alpha and Change stare at each other in the middle of the ring as Alpha has a more serious look than usual. The two former teammates then start to trade blows from haymakers, kicks, suplexes and dives off of the top rope. Alpha goes for a Fear of Change that Change refers into an attempted Alpha's Ending that Alpha reverses into a Devastation Kick. A second Devastation Kick lands but a third is reversed into a Fear of Change. Change goes for the pin but gets a two-count. He hits the mat in frustration while holding his head as he's still a little dizzy from the kicks. Alpha is making it back to his feet and Change tries but a Devastation Kick of his own but Alpha counters into Alpha's Ending. Alpha gets the pinfall to win the match. Alpha holds up arms with the world title in hand celebrating victory" ~Alpha

Result- Team Chaos defeats team Anti-Chaos to win the Survivor Series Elimination Match

*In a surprise twist after the main event, Allen Duncan would come out to celebrate with Omega before attacking him and cashing in his Money In The Bank. Chaos would ensue but Duncan would unfortunately come up short as Omega would find a way yet again to retain the World Heavyweight Championship "As Alpha celebrates his Survivor Series win Allen Duncan comes out with his MITB Briefcase in one hand and the United States Championship in the other. Duncan joins Alpha in the ring as he indicated that he intends to now make good on his promise and cash in to claim the vacant US Title. Duncan then suddenly hits Alpha with the briefcase followed by a Superkick. With Alpha layed out Duncan hands the briefcase over to the ref ordering him to start the match. As the ref calls over the announcer to make the cash on official, DJ comes rushing to the ring as he slides on behind Duncan and lands a Beat Drop. DJ excites and Duncan struggles to his feet add the bell rings. Duncan stumbles over rop a still downed Alpha who surprises Duncan by grabbing him immediately into the Omega's Beginning submission. Duncan struggles but refuses to tap and eventually passes out forcing the ref to call the match. DJ comes back into the ring as he loudly tells Alpha "I TOLD YOU HE COULDN'T BE TRUSTED" He then tries to lift Alpha's hand in victory but Alpha shakes his head no as he instead holds up DJ's hand as the show goes off the air." ~Alpha

Result- Omega defeats Allen Duncan to remain World Heavyweight Champion

*Congrats to all of the winners. Next PPV is TLC and we will be having another MITB Ladder Match. If you'd like to participate in it please let management know. We. Are. FSB!

~GM T Booker

What's Next?

  • Did you win at Survivor Series? Submit a match summary on the FSB Facebook Group or in the Backstage Area for +1 RP Point heading into TLC.

  • Looking for the next PPV? The next PPV is 'TLC' on December 15th, 2019. RSVP Here! (Predictions Form Coming December 13th, 2019)

  • Want to book a match? Get in touch with General Manager T Booker through the FSB Facebook Group or the RSVP form you have any specific match requests.

  • Already have a match? Cut a promo on the FSB Facebook Group or in the Backstage Area for additional RP Points heading into TLC (up to a max of 3 RP Points)

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