FSB Survivor Series 2018

Updated: Dec 16, 2018

*The show kicked off with a Six Man Rookies vs Vets Tag Team Match. The Rookies came out strong early but experience proved to be too much. The debuting Bigguy would eat the pin from M.A.D. to give the Vets the first win of the night

Result- Vets Team (M.A.D., JT Will and Jiro) defeat Rookies Team (Bigguy, Markvs III and The Assassin)

*This one was personal and ended in controversy. From the start of the Title Unification Match both Intercontinental Champion Jeremiah Blackwell and United States Champion Botiatus seemed intent on proving their dominance over each other. From crowd pleasing moments to vicious beatdowns the momentum swung wildly back and forth. The ending saw an irate Blackwell argue with the referee after it appeared that he got his foot on the bottom rope right as the third tap hit the mat giving Botiatus the win and both the IC and US Title belts. The Champ would attempt to seperate Blackwell from the ref but instead suffer a devastating beatdown from Blackwell. He'd need the assistance of FSB medical staff to walk out.

Result- Botiatus defeats Jeremiah Blackwell to become the US & IC Champion

*This was a bad night all around for champions. However this was a great night for the newly resigned Drifter. Alpha would be forced to watch from just out of arms reach as Drifter pinned Brother Hero to capture the FSB World Heavyweight Championship. The unhappy now former champ would have an altercation later backstage with both the Champ and The Change as the line for the World Title continues to stay as crowded as ever. "As the Survivor Series Pre-Show began, host Jonathan Coachman began discussing the night's matches with the other members of the pre-show panel, including "The King" Jerry Lawler and Booker T, before cutting to the backstage area with interviewer Charly Caruso. She was standing with former United States Heavyweight Champion Drifter MacGreed, dressed in street clothes, and asked for his thoughts on contending for the World Heavyweight Championship later that evening.

"Well Charly, as you know, I always have a trick or two up my sleeve. And it just so happens that I have a little inside information on the new stipulations for tonight's match. Specifically, a friend of mine on the FSB Board of Directors let me know that the match will now be a No Disqualification, No Count-Out Elimination match. That means that tonight, the FSB Universe will see action and combat like they've never seen before. So if you will excuse me, I have to go get ready for my match."

Drifter flashed a cocky smirk at the camera, then turned and walked away. As all six competitors stood in the ring for the announcer's introductions, Alpha would jump-start the match by immediately hitting Drifter MacGreed with Alpha's Ending. Not to be outdone, Brother Hero quickly turned and ran up the closest turnbuckle, landing a twisting moonsault on Drifter's prone body. Ryan Freakin' Jacob would continue the aerial assault on the former US champ with a flying elbow, which was followed by a flying legdrop by Nightmare. Finally, Matthew Newman scooped up Drifter's now lifeless form, and unceremoniously dumped him over the top rope to the arena floor. With the action thus begun, the bell rang to officially signal the start of the match. Brother Hero would be eliminated first by Matthew Newman after a sit-out piledriver, but as Newman rose up from the pin, he turned around and walked right into a missile dropkick from Ryan Freakin' Jacob. The former World Champion quickly pinned Newman, and frustrated both Alpha and Nightmare with a high-velocity offensive flurry, until the two superstars decided to team up in order to in order to eliminate Jacob, finishing him off with a Doomsday Device. Alpha and Nightmare were the two superstars left standing in the ring. Drifter was still lying unconscious at ringside, while the elite FSB medical staff attempted to resuscitate him by waving smelling salts, a hunk of Limburger cheese, and a pair of dirty gym socks under his nose. Meanwhile, Alpha and Nightmare circled each other in the ring, finally locking up and grappling. A series of reversed moves and pinfall attempts showed that the two competitors were evenly matched. Alpha resorted to more powerful moves, including a Devastation Kick that sent Nightmare flying from the ring apron to the ringside barrier. Yet Nightmare was able to come back with a unique offensive moveset that included highspots such as a springboard DDT and a twisting 450° splash. Ultimately, both men ended up on the top turnbuckle, and Nightmare went to drop Alpha with a backdrop suplex. But as Nightmare fell backwards, Alpha was able to strike Nightmare on the top of the head just before the back of Alpha's head. With both men down in a pinning position, and all four shoulders on the mat, the referee slid in position to count the pinfall. As the referee struck the mat for the third time, the bell rang, and the live audience sat stunned, not understanding what had just happened. Before the referee's decision could be announced, Commissioner Combs sprinted down to ringside, slid into the ring, and grabbed the announcer's microphone. Covering the microphone so that the discussion could not be heard, the Commissioner conferred with the referee, then motioned for ring announcer Greg Hamilton to come over. Combs leaned over to Hamilton and spoke briefly in his ear before handing back the microphone. Hamilton then made the following announcement: "Ladies and gentlemen, the referee's decision is that both Alpha and Nightmare's shoulders were down at the count of three, so both men have been eliminated. Therefore, your winner, and NEW World Heavyweight Champion, is Drifter MacGreed! Congratulations to FSB's first Grand Slam Champion!!" ~Drifter

Result- Drifter defeats Alpha, Ryan Freakin Jacobs, Matthew Newman, Nightmare and Brother Hero to become the New FSB World Heavyweight Champion

*The landscape of FSB may soon be changing as the Rookies proved that they're more than ready to compete. The Main Event started off with a bang for the Vets as they struck first eliminating Pink Pretty Pwetty. The Rookies would respond with eliminations of The Star and Amanda before the Vets eliminated Craigstation to bring things even at 3 members each. That's was as far as the Vets would get. Rookie team Captain The Bulldog and Cody Cross, already a dangerous team on their own, seemed to find a perfect partner in fellow Brit "The King Of Extreme " Daniel Leslie. Together the trio would work to score eliminations on Chris Xtreme and Vets Captain Kamren Kash before Leslie would score the final elimination on The Change. The Rookies ended the night with their remaining three standing strong as fireworks erupted above them

Results- Team Rookies- (The Bulldog (Captain), Cody Cross, "The King Of Extreme"- Daniel Leslie, Craigstation & Pink Pretty Pwetty) defeat Team Vets- (Kamren Kash (Captain), The Change, Chris Xtreme, Amanda & The Star)

**Congratulations to all of tonight's winners. You may submit a match summary detailing your win for an RP point for TLC. Things are really heating up around here and we can't wait to see what's in store for TLC!**

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