FSB Super Showdown 2018

Updated: Oct 24, 2018

FSB Super Showdown 2018 Results / Match Summaries

*The Preshow featured a massive Battle Royale. FSB Stars new and old shared the ring with local indie stars from down under. Radar Viss established himself early and after a long and entertaining match he scored the final elimination to pick up his first FSB win

*The kickoff match featured Nightmare and JT Will. Both men would slow the pace down with plenty of attempted submission holds and headlocks. Nightmare would eventually break the seeming stalemate and get the win

*Upon finding out that Rachel was not in Australia due to an apparent "visa issue" Drifter used the free night to enjoy Australia. Cameras followed him throughout the night as he visited the Sydney Opera House and even stopped by a local backyard BBQ. The US Champ seems to be on cruise control right now as he nears his 1 year anniversary as champ

*Don't ever underestimate the queen of FSB. Amanda said she was determined to become champion again and she backed it up, defeating Brother Hero in a Falls Count Anywhere Match. Brother Hero fought hard and took the fight to Amanda all around the arena but she kept control and got the pin. With the impressive victory a title shot may soon be in the future

*A grudge match months in the making, The Star faced off against GM Botiatus inside a Steel Cage. Both men took full advantage of the no disqualifications rules of the match as they took turns inflicting as much damage as possible to each other. Khaled would eventually try to interfere in the match, which Botiatus used to his advantage to pick up the win and extract some revenge

*Money In The Bank had fans on its feet from beginning to end. Ladders were featured heavily in the match and by the end bodies were strewn evened m everywhere. Cody Cross and The Bulldog put on standout performances and both looked at times poised to win. Alpha would not be denied though as he captured the briefcase. With a future World Title rematch already in his break pocket and now the MITB briefcase in hand Alpha has re-established himself as the most dangerous man in FSB "The match starts off with everybody ganging up on Alpha putting Alpha through a double table on the outside taking him out no match for a while, Codycross and Bulldog stand out as they battle with ladders chairs tables and lots of close calls, Kyle Bates and Craig Station come close to retrieve in the briefcase what are pushed while on the ladder Bulldog slides into the ring and pushes the ladder over, Kyle Bates Craig Station are both essentially taken out of the match as they hit the floor EMTs come to kart them out. ChrisXtreme makes a valiant effort to try to take one Alpha alone, but it's utterly destroyed by Alpha as as he violently hits him over the head with a chair until he's unconscious and not moving. Now there's only three in the ring, CodyCross The Bulldog and Alpha, all three look at each other and slide out the ring one gets a chair one gets the table one grabs the ladder. CodyCross and Bulldog powerbomb Alpha through the table, Alpha rolls out the ring. Codycross and the Bulldogs struggle for dominance but the Bulldog end up on top laying out Cody Cross with a massive ladder shot to the face. The Bulldog climbs the ladder he has his hands on the briefcase then out of nowhere Alpha is behind him and locks in the Omegas beginning submission, the Bulldog falls asleep coming just an inch away from becoming Mister Money in the Bank. But Alpha was not done there as Bulldog falls off the ladder Alpha jumps down. Alpha then hits a massive Alpha's Ending on the Bulldog in the middle of the ring. Alpha then goes to climb the ladder, but it's pulled off by the Bulldog and DDT. Bulldog climbs the ladder then is pulled down by Alpha. Alpha then hit the devastation Kick, then hits him with another Devastation kick then hits him with Alphas Ending finally knocking the Bulldog unconscious, with nobody left to stop Alpha, Alpha climbs the ladder and retrieves the briefcase. Alpha takes the makeup off his face and puts it on the briefcase writing Chaos Alpha raises his arms in Victory briefcase in hand" ~Omega

*The build to this World Heavyweight Championship Match was heated with both men trading verbal jabs. The match lived up to the hype and then some. From the opening bell this one was close the entire way. The Change walked away with the belt but fans are already buzzing about the rubber match

**Congratulations to all of tonight's winners. Special shout out to Mr. Money In The Bank Alpha and the New World Heavyweight Champion The Change! Winners may leave a match summary for a RP point. Evolution is the next PPV, see you all there!**

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