FSB Summerslam 2019

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

FSB Summerslam 2019 RP Point Standings

*Last updated 8/11/19:

  1. Omega - 3

  2. Botiatus - 3

  3. Cody Cross - 3

  4. Drifer MacGreed - 3

  5. Havok - 3

  6. Daniel Leslie - 3

  7. The Bulldog - 3

  8. Ouija - 3

  9. DJ Tech - 3

  10. The Change - 3

  11. Spotmonkey - 2

  12. Allen Duncan - 1

FSB Summerslam 2019 Match Results

*Last updated 8/28/19:

*The night kicked off with a very impressive Fatal Four Way. Veteran M.A.D. is usually a tough measuring stick for the rookies but he had a hard time keeping up with the young guns this time as they set a brisk pace early. The always positive Allen Duncan pulled off his best performance to date and earned his first victory in FSB

Result- Allen Duncan defeats JenyByrd, The Grimm and M.A.D.

*The Number 1 Contenders Battle Royal was a wild affair. With a mix of rookies and vets in the ring, alliances would be frequently made and broken. When the dust settled Orangetuna would find a way to be the lone survivor and earn himself a United States Championship opportunity

Result- Orangetuna defeats Amanda, Nightmare, Adam James, Brother Hero, Spotmonkey, The Dominator and The Star to become the #1 Contender for the US Title

*This was easily the most brutal match of the night. DJ Tech and The Change spent every second inflicting damage trying to get the other man to quit. It would take DJ trapping The Change in an inescapable position to finally get him to utter the words and give up the victory

Result- DJ Tech forces The Change to quit and retains the United States Championship

*Three of FSB's fastest rising Stars threw down for a shot at the Intercontinental Championship. Shane continued his fast start to life in FSB with an impressive victory and now looks to give Havok his toughest challenge yet

Result- Shane defeats The Bulldog and Ouija to become #1 Contender for the Intercontinental Title

*Hell In A Cell for the Intercontinental Championship was another instant Hardcore classic. And it was an environment both men seemed to thrive in as they pushed the limits and their bodies to the extreme. Leslie gave everything he had but Havok continued to assert his dominance with another strong victory to retain his belt

Result- Havok defeats Daniel Leslie to retain the IC Championship

*Cody Cross was eager to find out who his Summerslam opponent would be but even the man of fate couldn't predict the return of Drifter. The former triple crown winners music sparked the crowd into a frenzy that would last the entire match. Cody still brought all the fight Drifter could handle but fate would be denied tonight as a High Elevation Powerbomb found the mark and Drifter put Cody away.

**What would follow would be the second surprise of the night as The Bulldog would lead a procession of superstars around the the ramp area and into the back again. Bulldog would then reemerge onto the ramp happy to have lost his pursuers but he'd bump right into Drifter who would pin him to become the NEW 24/7 Champion

"Echo Chamber" by Despite played as a visibly agitated Cody Cross stormed down to the ring for his Last Man Standing Mystery Opponent match, followed quickly by his advocate, Mr. Hellsaint. Interrupting his own introduction, Cody grabbed the house microphone from the ring announcer, and yelled at him to get out of the ring. With Hellsaint looking on from ringside, Cody addressed the FSB Universe.

"I am a man who does not need an introduction, because everyone in this arena knows who I am! As for my so-called 'Mystery Opponent', they need no introduction either, because after I defeat them, no one will care who they are! Now get out here, 'Mystery Opponent', and I will put you down!" Cody angrily tossed the microphone away, and turned to face the entrance ramp.

The arena went dark in preparation for the arrival of Cody's opponent. Suddenly, Eve to Adam's "Immortal" hit the arena PA as Drifter MacGreed walked out from the entrance ramp. The live crowd erupted with cheers as chants of "WELCOME BACK" cascaded throughout the arena.

As the bell rang to begin the match, Cody chose to deal with Drifter's surprise return by immediately going on the offensive, quickly hitting Drifter with a Spartan Kick, then pressing the advantage by using his combination of alternating forearm strikes into a DDT, known as Fate's Madness. A stunned Drifter quickly rolled out of the ring, and then disappeared under the ring apron. The commentary team began to speculate whether Drifter was suffering from 'ring rust' after 2 months off from injury, but the cagey veteran quickly crawled out from under the far side of the ring, sneaked up behind Cody and pulled him down by his shoulders into a Codebreaker.

With both competitors back on their feet after exchanging surprise attacks, the match settled down into a more reasonable pace. About midway through the match, following another flurry of strikes from Cody, Drifter rolled out of the ring once more, but got tangled up with Mr. Hellsaint at ringside. As Hellsaint and Drifter began pushing and shoving each other, Cody slingshotted himself off the far ropes, using the added momentum to launch over the near ropes with a Tope con Hilo. But Drifter was able to move out of the way at the last second, leaving Mr. Hellsaint to take the brunt of Cody's attack.

Drifter quickly capitalized on the moment, pulling a dazed Cody off of Mr. Hellsaint and then whipping him into the ringside steps. To add insult to injury, Drifter then picked up Mr. Hellsaint and threw him into Cody with a Release German Suplex. With both Cody and Hellsaint sprawled on the floor in the corner of the ringside area, Drifter slid back into the ring and waited for the referee to begin the count.

Seeing that Cody had already gotten up to his knees by the count of 5, Drifter climbed back out of the ring and headed over to his opponent, intending to press the advantage. But Cody was ready with a forearm shot to Drifter's midsection, stunning the 'Hardest Working Man in FSB' and doubling him over. Cody then lifted the ring apron, and began to pull objects out from under the ring. Finding a kendo stick, Cody grinned devilishly, then began to lay in to Drifter with repeated strikes to the back. The kendo stick ultimately broke with a sickening snap that echoed throughout the arena. Drifter crumpled to the floor, and Cody climbed back into the ring, admonishing the referee to "do your damn job and count!"

As the referee began counting, Drifter slowly got to his knees, clawing his way up the ring apron and rolling back in by the count of 7. Getting to his feet in the center of the ring, Drifter challenged Cody to a lockup. With both men grappling, Drifter was able to get enough leverage to shove Cody backwards and into the ropes. Cody looked at Drifter as if to say "let's try that again". The two competitors locked up again, and this time it was Cody who was able to get the leverage, shoving Drifter back into the ropes. As a chant of "THIS IS AWESOME" broke out, Cody ran back to the far ropes and slingshotted himself at Drifter, while Drifter did the same from the opposite side of the ring. Both men crashed into one another, knocking each other out and falling to the mat. The live crowd cheered and hollered while the referee had no choice but to apply a double count to Cody and Drifter.

Both FSB Superstars lay on the mat as the referee counted, with each still struggling to get to their knees as the referee counted 5. By the count of 7, Drifter had managed to get back up on one leg, but Cody was still fighting to find his footing. Cody was just managing to get back to his feet as Drifter summoned all his strength to stand up and lift Cody above his head, then throw him back down to the mat with a Gorilla Press Slam. But Cody was able to reach down into his own energy reserves, and immediately regained his feet with a Kip Up, shocking Drifter. Cody immediately capitalized on the opening by hitting Drifter with Fate's Calling.

With Drifter down, the referee began counting, while Cody ran around the ring pumping his fist in the air with each count. Drifter rolled to the edge of the ring, and use the ropes to pull himself back up to his feet. As Cody ran to attack Drifter, the veteran went to his old bag of tricks, dropping to the ring apron and pulling the top rope down along with him. Cody flew over the ropes and fell to ringside. Drifter slid off the ring apron and approached Cody, but Cody stopped Drifter in his tracks with a well-timed Mule Kick that knocked the wind out of his opponent.

With Drifter dazed, Cody then began ripping the monitors out from the Spanish Announce Table, then pulled Drifter onto the table. With both competitors now standing on the table, Cody hit Drifter with the Descent into Madness, collapsing the table from the force of the move. Again, the referee applied the count to Drifter, while Cody began a "victory lap" around the ring to the sound of boos and jeers from the live audience. But as Cody returned to the announce table area, Drifter had already begun getting back up to his feet.

Cody immediately went to attack Drifter, but was met with a knife-edge chop to the chest. Cody responded with a chop of his own, and the arena crowd went "WOOOOOOOOO!!!" while the two went toe-to-toe, exchanging chops and then forearm shots. Cody attempted to break the stalemate with a Black Mass Spinning Heel Kick, but Drifter ducked the leg and immediately grabbed Cody and pulled him in for a Belly-to-Back Suplex, releasing Cody into the ringside barrier.

As Cody lay in a heap next to the barrier, a recovered Mr. Hellsaint jumped onto Drifter's back, attempting to distract him while Cody recovered. Drifter turned so that his back was to the ring, then jumped backwards, crushing Hellsaint against the ringpost. With Hellsaint's grip broken, Drifter turned back to Cody, picking him up from the floor and dragging him to ringside. It appeared as though Drifter was setting up for a Lonely Road high-elevation powerbomb on the arena floor next to the ring, but he turned mid-move and sent Cody crashing into the ring apron for additional impact.

Drifter climbed into the ring and waited as the referee began counting. Cody began to move again at the count of 6, and tried to climb back into the ring as Mr. Hellsaint began crawling towards him. But Cody lost his grip on the ring apron at the count of 8 and fell back to the floor. Hellsaint tried to help Cody back up as the referee counted 9, but could not support both himself and Cody's combined weight, and fell helplessly back to the floor, landing awkwardly across Cody. The referee counted 10, and the live crowd exploded in cheers at Drifter's victory.

While Drifter celebrated with the crowd, The Bulldog ran out from backstage, being chased down the entrance ramp and around the ring by a horde of FSB SuperStars all looking for a shot at the FSB 24/7 Championship. Finding himself trapped on the opposite side of the ring from the entrance ramp with FSB SuperStars closing in from both left and right, but with a clear shot through the ring up the entrance ramp, Bulldog slid into the ring and ran for the other side, shoving Drifter aside in the process. The FSB veteran looked on with a slightly annoyed expression on his face as he watched Bulldog being chased up the entrance ramp and backstage again, but then shrugged his shoulders and went back to celebrating his victory, rolling out of the ring to slap hands with the ringside fans, and walking back up the ramp as the referee followed.

Suddenly, The Bulldog appeared back at the top of the ramp, running back out from backstage while looking back over his shoulder. Hiding next to the entranceway, Bulldog stole a peek around the corner into the backstage area. Having seemingly lost his pursuers, Bulldog turned to face towards the live crowd with a giant grin on his face, but turned right into a Spear from Drifter. The Hardest Working Man in FSB would then pin The Bulldog at the top of the entrance ramp to become the NEW 24/7 champion! The arena crowd continued cheering as Drifter quickly grabbed the 24/7 title off the floor and ran out through the audience, stopping momentarily to pose at the top of the first level seats before disappearing through the doorway into the arena." ~Drifter MacGreed

Result- Drifter defeats Cody Cross **Also defeats Bulldog for 24/7 Championship

*This is the most personal feud FSB has ever seen. With all the months of build up it almost seemed like the match would be impossible to live up to the hype. And yet somehow it surpassed it. Omega and Bo went to war and left the crowd dazzled with an all time classic. Neither man would stay down and they ended up risking it all and knocking each other out could after a topple from a super ladder. Both men laid flat on their backs but Omega would land with an arm over Bo as he retained his title. They were given a well deserved standing ovation from the FSB universe as medics would have to help both of them walk out

Result- Omega defeats Botiatus to retain the World Heavyweight Championship

GM Note: "Congratulations to all of the winners. It's Season 8! And it's also time for another Money In The Bank match! Entry is open to any non champions and non number 1 contenders. If you'd like to enter let us know. Last season was maybe our best ever and we can't wait to see what everyone does going forward. We'll see you all at Clash Of Champions! We. Are. FSB!" ~GM T Booker

Season 8 Rankings Post-Summerslam 2019:

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