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Updated: Jun 27, 2019

FSB Promo Recaps

*Last updated 6/24/19:

Week 1 (Albany, NY):

Week 2 (Kansas City, MO):

Week 3 (Austin, TX):

Week 4 (San Jose, CA):

Week 5 (Los Angelos, CA):

FSB Stomping Grounds Roleplay Point Standings

*Last updated 6/24/19:

  1. The Bulldog - 3

  2. Omega - 3

  3. DJ Tech - 3

  4. Havok - 3

  5. Drifter - 3

  6. The Change - 3

  7. Spotmonkey - 1

  8. Allen Duncan - 1

FSB Stomping Grounds Match Results

*Last updated 6/26/19:

*The show kicked off with a singles match. The debuting Kenzein made it very competitive but The Dominator was able to pick up his first victory in FSB.

Result- The Dominator defeats Kenzein

*In the first of a series of old school vs new matches, Amanda would take on Spotmonkey. The match went back and forth but in the end the Queen of FSB would squeak out another victory.

Result- Amanda defeats Spotmonkey

*The next old school vs new school match saw rising star Orangetuna take on fan favorite Brother Hero. It was another highly competitive match but this time new school would get the win as Orangetuna found a way to very the job done.

Result- Orangetuna defeats Brother Hero

*The final old school vs new school match pitted Allen Duncan against JT Will. Allen had his moments of brilliance but JT continued his return to form with his most impressive victory in quite some time.

Result- JT Will defeats Allen Duncan

*DJ Tech faced off against Nightmare in the first title match of the night. The brash star was looking to prove his US Title win at Money In The Bank wasn't a fluke and after a very close match he did just that and retained his belt.

Result- DJ Tech defeats Nightmare to retain the United States Championship

*Shane faced off against Adam James in a day paced affair. Both men had several chances to get the victory but Shane would be the one to finally capitalize and get the W.

Result- Shane defeats Adam James

*DJ Tech would come out to join commentary and find out who the next challenger for his US Title would be. A motivated Change would use the champion and his trash talk as fuel to help power himself to a convincing victory over Ouija. He'd take the chance to stake his claim to the title after the bell. "Monsters by Shinedown begins to play, the fans are going wild. In ring you have Change standing tall over Ouija. The camera panned closer to the ring, showing Change signaling for a microphone, he walked to the ropes closest the announcers table, retrieved the mic and spoke as his music faded; You see DJ Tech, I'm glad you're here actually, I'm glad you're here to witness first hand the beginning of your end. This very same Change is headed full steam straight to you next month at Extreme Rules. I'm glad T. Booker decided to make me enter this match in order to get to you. It's a shame really, you seemed to have struggled against a Nightmare. So I wonder DJ, what will you do against inevitable Change?" - he drops the mic and points to the screens in the arena as they begin to recap the match, both men evenly matched for the start of the match. Change shifted gears and began to take over landing hard yet swift punches to Ouija's head then body, dazing him that led to a German suplex which Change did not let go of, boom a second suplex. Change again didn't let go, instead of a third suplex Change would whip Ouija into the ropes upon return Change would catch him with a quick F.O.C(Fear of Change)[Formerly a Mizard of Oz now an S.O.S] into a pin for a 3 count to become the United States Championship #1 Contender." ~The Change

Results- The Change defeats Ouija to become the No. 1 Contender for the United States Championship

*After a month of constant turmoil surrounding the status of the Intercontinental Championship the picture is now crystal clear. Havok reeked plenty of it and claimed his first title in FSB with a dominant victory over The Bulldog.

Results- Havok defeats The Bulldog to become the New FSB Intercontinental Champion

*Hell In A Cell. Omega and Drifter. The FSB World Heavyweight Championship in the balance. Mr. MITB Botiatus ringside on commentary. What more could you ask for? With both men climbing the cell to start the match over 20 feet in the air, this match was a crowd pleaser from beginning to end. And what an end it was as Omega finally put Drifter down for good to win the rubber match of this fantastic rivalry.

"Omega comes out first and climbs the cell to the top. He holds his arms out, World Champion in one hand and mic in the other "Drifter come be a part of my Chaos. Let us raise hell together and all will become Chaos A ha ha ha ha ha" Immortal by Eve To Adam plays and Drifter walks out to the cell. With a very determined look on his face he peers up at Omega and smiles. Drifter climbs the cell, and the bell starts the action.

Drifter and Omega Start the fight locked up with right hands to each other. Drifter knees Omega and goes for a High Elevation Powerbomb but Omega reverses it into a back body drop that Drifter is able to adjust from and land on his feet. Omega hits a swift kick to the stomach then goes for Alpha's Ending but Drifter throws multiple elbows to the side of Omega's head and the champion stumbles backwards until he's forced to release Drifter after almost reaching the edge of the cell. Drifter looks at their position and tries to rush Omega to push him off the cell but Omega catches Drifter and delivers a Spanish fly off the cell. They crash through the Spanish announce table as Omega lands on top of Drifter and both are down.

Botiatus gets out of his seat and watches them struggle as Graves says to him "The World Champion is down you should just cash in now!" Botiatus taps his fingers on the MITB before sitting back down and speaking "I could Graves you're right. But it's like I told Omega last week. I am the best wrestler in this company. I don't need an advantage over anyone (Bo sits forward in his seat as Omega starts to pull himself up using the cell. He continues to talk as he looks intently at Omega) All I needed was the opportunity and now I have that"

Omega picks up Drifter and throws him into the cell. Drifter writhes in pain as he holds his right shoulder with an apparent injury. Omega throws Drifter into the cell and then it is locked. He grabs Drifter center ring and goes for Alpha's Ending but Drifter delivers vicious elbows and then a kick to the knee. Drifter then does a High Elevated Powerbomb but immediately has to grab the injured shoulder before he goes for a one armed cover 1, 2, kick out by Omega.

What follows is 20 mins of close calls and near pinfalls. After another near fall, Omega wills himself up and grabs Drifter into a bear hug. He yells "Anarchy" angers them rams Drifter into each turnbuckle. He puts Drifter into the Omega's Beginning (Coquina Clutch) Drifter stays in the hold for a full minute before making it to the ropes. Omega doesn't let go and Drifter uses the ropes rp climb to his feet. He then flips Omega off his back and the champ leaves on his feet keeping moment right into the ropes but he rebounds into a High Elevation Powerbomb. Drifter again grabs his shoulder in pain and only gets a weak cover 1, 2, kickout.

Drifter signals for another Powerbomb but when he picks Omega up the champ spins him around and lands a Devastation Kick to the injured shoulder. Drifter rolls around in pain. Omega grabs him and Drifter is unable to generate any power to escape af he's planted with Alpha's Ending and covered 1, 2, 3!

Omega Rises up as the victor. Her looks down at Drifter and helps him to his feet raising his hand. Referees come to help Drifter as can barely lift his shoulder. Omega motions for a mic and points at Botiatus as he speaks, "Come be apart of my Mountain of Chaos ha ha ha ha!" ~Omega

Results- Omega defeats Drifter to retain the World Heavyweight Championship

GM Note: **Congratulations to all of tonight's winners. The next PPV is Extreme Rules and from the looks of it we have some great storylines and rivalries heading into it. We'll see you all there!**

Season 7 Rankings Post-Stomping Grounds 2019:

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