FSB Royal Rumble 2019

Updated: Jan 30, 2019

*This was a PPV for big matches only and it started with a huge Last Man Standing Match. The Bulldog and Cody Cross threw their alliance to the side and tore into each other. In the end the Mad King was left standing over his Knight. "Cody Cross and The Bulldog share an intense stare down before the bell rings. Neither of them wantong to lose. At the start of the match Cody and the Bulldog trade blows. Before too long Bulldog gets the upper hand. The Bulldog would hit a powerbomb on Cody before locking in a British Crab. The ref tries to tell Bulldog that he can't win that way but The Bulldog shrugs him off, because he wants to inflict pain to make sure Cody can't get up for a 10 count. A little while later Cody breaks free from the British Crab and throws the Bulldog out of the ring. Using the ropes, Cody struggles to stand. He waits, leaning on the ropes, resting, planning but not paying attention. The crowd is though, they watch as The Bulldog gets up and grabs a kendo stick from under the ring. The Bulldog slides in and gets ready to hit Cody with the kendo stick but at the last moment Cody spins around and catches The Bulldog off guard with a Black Mass. The Bulldog goes down and the ref starts a count. At 3 Bulldog gets up, only for Cody to hit him with alternating forearms, followed by a DDT. The Bulldog rolls out of the ring. Cody waits for him to get up and goes for a Tope Con Hilo. The Bulldog sidesteps him and goes back on the offensive. The Bulldog beats Cody down and the Ref begins to count. At 4 Cody gets to his feet and The Bulldog goes after him. Only to get hit by another Black Mass. While the Bulldog is down, Cody grabs the kendo stick and rolls into the ring. The Bulldog gets up at a count of four. The Bulldog gets in the ring to attack Cody but gets hit multiple times with the Kendo stick. When the Bulldog is on the ground, Cody looks at him, and then listens to something or someone only he can hear, he turns his back on The Bulldog. He starts to turn around, when The Bulldog grabs him and hits him with his finisher *The Bulldog". The ref starts a count. At 4 Cody starts to stir. At 6 he slowly starts trying to get to his feet. At 8 Cody gets up. The Bulldog and Cody start trading blows once more. Cody gets dumped out of the ring, and The Bulldog hits a suicide dive on him, sending Cody into the announce table. Cody falls to his knees but when The Bulldog goes to capitalize, Cody pulls him forward causing his face to bounce off the announce table. Cody slowly gets up, and helps the Bulldog up, only to hit him with a third Black Mass. Bulldog falls again, as Cody tears apart the announce table, readying to put the Bulldog through it. At the Ref's count of 6 Bulldog gets up, and Cody plants him through the announce table with a Spinebuster. The ref started counting as Cody listened again to something or someone only he can hear. At the Ref's count of 7 Bulldog got to his feet, only to eat yet another Black Mass spinning heel Kick. Not satisfied with this, Cody picked up Bulldog, and put him in a sleeper hold. The Bulldog struggled to get out, but began fading. Cody eventually released the hold, and threw Bulldog back into the ring. He stopped for a moment before following in after. He stood, watching and waiting for The Bulldog to stir. As soon as Bulldog was on his feet, Cody pounced, he hit him with a combination of strikes, followed by a 5th Black Mass, but he didn't allow Bulldog to fall to the mat. He quickly picked him up for a Falcon Arrow, and another Black Mass. Followed by a 7th Black Mass and then before Bulldog hit the ground, he grabbed him and hit a Hammerlock Lariat. Bulldog hit the ground as Cody looked at him with a faraway look in his eyes. The Ref began to count. at 6 Bulldog started to stir. At 8 he slowly started trying to get up, but the Ref said 10 before he could get to his feet. The match ended. Cody Cross was your Winner. However it wasn't over. Cody Cross used his foot to pick up Bulldog off the mat. Readying to hit the Black Mass again and make Bulldog bow. However after picking him up, Cody hesitated, listening to something or someone only he could hear. Instead of hitting Black Mass, he then Spartan Kicked Bulldog causing him to sit down, instead of bow. Cody then turns to get out of the ring. "Bad" Plays as T Booker comes out. "Hold up a minute. You two have been causing a lot of havoc lately, between yourselves and half the roster. So you don't get to get off easy. Bulldog, you will bow to the self proclaimed King, Cody Cross." Bulldog at first refuse to bow and Cody refuses to look at Bulldog. Eventually though T Booker tells them that if it doesn't happen they'll be removed from The Rumble and suspended." So finally Bulldog bows and the crowd goes wild with chants of Lapdog, and other ridiculing chants." ~Cody Cross

Result- Cody Cross defeats The Bulldog

*Two of FSB's best met inside a Steel Cage. FSB fans have had this match on their dream list for a long time now and the two Stars did not disappoint. The self proclaimed "Hardest Working Man in FSB" would find a way to do what few have and defeat the Agent of Chaos

Result- Drifter defeats Omega

*The United States Fatal Fiveway Championship match looked on paper to be the biggest challenge yet for the Champ. Instead Botiatus made quick work of his competition to retain his title. Announces speculated after that with him having the coveted final spot in the Rumble he looked focused and ready to win it all

Result- Botiatus defeats Amanda, Daniel Leslie, Chris Xtreme and Cody Cross to retain the United States Championship

*What a Royal Rumble! The FSB Universe was treated to over an hour of action that saw a plethora of new talent making debuts and surprise entries. After 28 eliminations the Universe was on its feet with arguably the two biggest fan favorites in Drifter and Botiatus in the ring. Drifter would exact a measure of revenge on the man who took the US Title from him, eliminating Botiatus to punch his ticket to Wrestlemania and become the only two time Royal Rumble winner in FSB history

Result- Drifter defeats Botiatus to win The Royal Rumble

GM Note: "Congrats to all of tonight's winners. Also a special shout out to all of our new players! The road to Wrestlemania has officially begun. We'll see you all at Elimination Chamber!" ~GM T Booker

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Season 6 Rankings Post-Royal Rumble 2019:

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