FSB Hell in a Cell 2019

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

FSB Hell in a Cell 2020 Match Results

*Last updated 10/8/19:

*The 50th FSB PPV kicked off with a pair of debuting stars. Kaustuv would pick up the win in the only non Cell match of the night

Results- Kaustuv defeats Mr. Black Shield

*A trio of former champions stepped into the Cell for the right to challenge for the United States Championship. The Star would find a way to shine brightly with a close victory

Results- The Star defeats Amanda and Nightmare to become No. 1 Contender for the United States Championship

*8 of FSB's finest took Hell In A Cell to the next level in FSB's first ever Ladder Match inside the Cell. With a briefcase hanging from the Cell ceiling it would be Orangetuna who maximized his surroundings and secured his future title shot

Result- Orangetuna defeats Adam James, Craigstation, The Dominator, Spotmonkey, Brother Hero, Chris Xtreme and Shane to win a future undisclosed title shot

*Allen Duncan locked horns with The Change. Change had an axe to grind with Duncan after the latter stepped over him to win Money In The Bank. And Change would get a measure of revenue inside the Cell with a victory to bounce back

Results- The Change defeats Allen Duncan

*This one got personal and ugly. Bo has been on the offensive against DJ since joining Chaos Revolution abed that's only served to bring a more vicious side out of the US Champ. Their disdain ws on full display as they turned the Cell into a landfill of destruction. Bulldog wore the stripes and seemed more interested in watching the destruction than officiating. In the end, Bo would have his hand raised and DJ would lose both the match and his coveted United States Championship

Results- Botiatus defeats DJ Tech. Tech vacates the United States Championship

*Chaos called out Death and the results were frightening to say the least. Daniel looked to prove himself to his viewers in chaos and the Cell proved to be the perfect setting. Ouija thrilled the fans once again but the living continue to be a thorn in his side as Daniel would be cheered on ringside by Omega to a victory

Result- Daniel Leslie defeats Ouija

*Havok has looked nearly unbeatable as Intercontinental Champion. But Cody ws on a mission to reclaim the title he never lost. Fate would be caged but even that couldn't stop it tonight as Cody Cross would reclaim his belt. With Havoks recent hot streak a rematch could very well be in the cards soon

Results- Cody Cross defeats Havok to become the NEW Intercontinental Champion

**Sorry for the wait and we greatly appreciate everyone's patience. The link to the full score cards will be in the comments below. The updated leaderboards will be dropped tomorrow. Thanks for all the support and for helping us make it to 50 PPVS! Survivor Series is up next! We. Are. FSB! ~GM T Booker

What's Next?

  • Did you win at Hell in a Cell? Submit a match summary on the FSB Facebook Group or in the Backstage Area for +1 RP Point heading into Survivor Series.

  • Looking for the next PPV? The next PPV is 'Survivor Series' on November 24th, 2019. RSVP Here! (Predictions Form Coming November 22nd, 2019).

  • Want to book a match? Get in touch with General Manager T Booker through the FSB Facebook Group or the RSVP form you have any specific match requests.

  • Already have a match? Cut a promo on the FSB Facebook Group or in the Backstage Area for additional RP Points heading into Survivor Series (up to a max of 3 RP Points)

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