FSB Hell in a Cell 2018

Updated: Sep 18, 2018

FSB Hell in a Cell Results / Match Summaries

*The Preshow saw a trio of wildly different but highly entertaining dark matches. From high flying action to technical mat wrestling, their was something for fans of all taste. Chris Xtreme returned from a long hiatus with a dominant win. The debuting Kyle Bates would follow with a thrilling narrow victory. Craigstation would close the preshow out with his first FSB victory

*The main show would kick off with the arrival of the self proclaimed "King" Cody Cross. Although he was in the ring with a former champion in JT Will and a fast rising star in The Bulldog, the debuting Cross looked every bit the part of an established star in picking up the victory in his Triple Threat Match "The match between JT Will, The Bulldog, and Cody Cross started off fast paced with each superstar trying to get the upper hand. Eventually JT Will got thrown to the outside of the ring, and after a bit of a brawl between The Bulldog and Cody Cross, The Bulldog was dumped to the outside as well. Cody Cross went for a Tope Con Hilo, but the Bulldog hit him, causing him to crash to the ground. Both of his opponents slid back into the ring to continue the match. At one point it seemed as if The Bulldog had the upper hand but at the last second JT Will hit the Will-To-Win on The Bulldog and went for the cover. The ref counted, 1.. 2.. but then the Pinfall wws broken up by Cody Cross. Who hit JT Will with a Combination of strikes before throwing him back out of the ring. Cody then walked over to the prone body of the Bulldog, and lifted him to his feet before spinning around and hitting him with the Black Mass Spinning Heel Kick. He went for the cover and the ref counted. 1.. 2.. 3.. Your winner Cody Cross. Cody grabbed a microphone and sat in the middle of the ring. "I told you that the time has come for you to bow to the king and I am the king." He smiled as he dropped the microphone and headed to the back." ~Cody Cross

*If there's one thing we know about Rachel it's that she's good at winning title shots! In a Fatal Four Way against Brother Hero, Nightmare and Amanda the odds proved to make for a close match but Rachel walked away with the right to face Drifter for the US Title

*FSB Management (GM Botiatus in particular) is in an absolute uproar after The Star failed to show up for his Hell In A Cell Match against Ryan Freakin Jacobs. The ref was going to call it a No Contest but GM Botiatus came out and declared it a forfeit, giving Mr. MITB the win and adding to The Stars abysmal losing streak

*The Intercontinental Championship No. 1 Contenders Match had the crowd energized from start to finish as two longtime FSB fan favorites faced off. This was a match of two FSB Stars who win or lose always bring it in big matches. In the end M.A.D. picked up the win and will now face Jeremiah Blackwell for the IC Title

*Fans were on their feet from start to finish for Hell In A Cell between maybe the two most dominant champions in FSB history. Both men wrestled as if their title was on the line bit Drifter seemed unable to pull some of his tricks on his veteran opponent and Blackwell used every advantage to pick up the win

*Change has indeed come to the FSB. But here's the thing about change, you're not always gonna like it.

The FSB World Heavyweight Championship was battled for inside Hell In A Cell. The evert confident champion Omega had scoffed at his opponents new persona but the former Kyle Dough proved that his "Change" is indeed real, defeating Omega to become the new FSB World Heavyweight Champion! His victory was short lived however as the second after he received the title Ryan Freakin Jacobs would appear with the MITB briefcase in hand. The Change would barely have any time to celebrate being the first ever FSB Triple Crown Champion before having it taken away and watching as Ryan Freakin Jacobs celebrated becoming the New FSB World Heavyweight Champion!

**Great PPV everyone! Congrats to all of tonight's winners! Winners may write a summary of their Hell In A Cell Match victory for a RP point. See y'all at the next one!*

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