FSB Fastlane 2019

Updated: Apr 4, 2019

*The show kicked off with a pair of debuting Stars facing off. Both men impressed the FSB Universe but in the end Allen Duncan picked up the win and got himself off to a strong start heading into Wrestlemania

Result- Allen Duncan defeats Ryan

*M.A.D. has acted as sort of a vanguard for FSB, often taking on debuting Stars. Tonight he got all he could handle from Deany. The vet put on a great performance but in the end the highly touted rookie claimed his first FSB victory

Result- Deany defeats M.A.D.

*This match was made late but both men still came ready. Mr. Money In The Bank Brother Hero went back and forth with The Star in an extremely tight contest. The Star has been struggling lately but he looked back in form while squeaking out the victory. Brother Hero would drop an ominous warning to all champions afterward, reminding them that his MITB contract would need to be used by the end of Wrestlemania

Result- The Star defeats Brother Hero

*With a United States Championship Match at Wrestlemania on the line, the Number 1 Contenders Match was an all out battle from bell to bell. With all four stars still looking to claim their first gold the action was intense and non stopping. When all was said and done Shane Horan would punch his ticket to Wrestlemania and a date with Nightmare

Result- Shane Horan defeats Adam James, Markvs III and Craigstation to become No. 1 Contender for US Title

*The good blood turned bad spilled over in this Two Out Of Three Falls Match. Cody Cross and The Bulldog threw their partnership away for good in the weeks leading to this match and once in the ring they threw everything they had at each other. Cody displayed a deepened arsenal and appeared more dangerous than ever while dispatching his former Knight

Results- Cody Cross defeats The Bulldog (2 Falls to 1)

*Nothing and no one has been able to slow down Drifter on the road to Wrestlemania. The odds certainly were not in his favor though as a high profile Triple Threat Match against two former World Champions looked to be his toughest test yet. However, even that wouldn't be enough to derail Mr. Wrestlemania as his new positive attitude paid dividends once again. He'll undoubtedly head into Wrestlemania with the most momentum of anyone in the locker room. "In an exciting match, FSB Royal Rumble Winner Drifter MacGreed pulled out a hard-fought victory over two of FSB's perennial top contenders Amanda and Ryan Freakin' Jacob. Although he had just been cleared to compete by FSB's medical staff, a clearly injured Drifter entered the match with heavy taping around his midsection. But the crafty competitor was able to negate his injuries by using the "winner take all" nature of the match to his advantage. Using counters and slipping out of holds, Drifter avoided conflict as much as possible, letting Ryan and Amanda wear each other down. The finish came when Amanda was able to catch Ryan in a Figure-4 leglock. As Ryan struggled to reach the ropes, Drifter dove in to break up the hold. With Ryan laying on the mat holding his knee in pain, Drifter then quickly applied a sharpshooter to Amanda, who was unable to escape and had to tap out. After celebrating with the fans at ringside, Drifter headed up the entrance ramp, stopping at the top to point to the WrestleMania sign hanging in the rafters as the crowd cheered."

~Drifter MacGreed

Results- Drifter defeats Ryan Freakin Jacobs and Amanda

*The FSB Universe was treated to another fantastic Champion vs Champion matchup. Both Champions represented their divisions well but in the end House Rules reigned supreme as Botiatus picked up a small measure of revenge against the man who took the US Title from him

Result- IC Champ Botiatus defeats US Champ Nightmare

*World Heavyweight Championship Matches have had many questionable endings over the years and tonight was another in that long tradition. Omega managed to once again hold onto his title but without a clear winner tonight the World Title picture is still murky at best

Result- Omega retains over The Change via Double Countout

**Congratulations to all winners. MITB will be happening at Wrestlemania so if you'd like to fight for the briefcase please let Management know**

Season 6 Rankings Post-Fastlane 2019:

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