FSB Extreme Rules 2019

FSB Promo Recaps

*Last updated 7/17/19:

Week 1 (Everett, WA):

Week 2 (Dallas, TX):

Week 3 (Newark, NJ):

FSB Extreme Rules Roleplay Point Standings

*Last updated 7/17/19:

  1. Omega - 3

  2. Cody Cross - 3

  3. Ouija - 3

  4. Havok - 3

  5. Botiatus - 3

  6. The Change - 3

  7. DJ Tech - 3

  8. The Bulldog - 3

  9. Drifter - 3

  10. Spotmonkey - 2

  11. Amanda - 1

  12. Allen Duncan - 1

  13. Daniel Leslie - 1

FSB Extreme Rules Match Results

*Last updated 7/17/19:

*The PPV began with a surprise as Cody Cross would make his way to the announce table and join Graves and Trixie on commentary. He'd then watch four of FSB's rising Stars unleash mayhem in a Monster's Ball Match for a chance at Summerslam and the Intercontinental Championship. Daniel Leslie had been trying his best to keep his emotions in check and it paid off with a triumphant return to the ring and the biggest win of his FSB career.

Result- Daniel Leslie defeats Adam James, The Dominator and Ouija to become the No. 1 Contender for the Intercontinental Championship

*Next up was a Triple Threat Match that almost ended up stealing the show. With Summerslam around the corner all 3 Stars were looking for a big win. Action was quick but tense and all three Stars had chances at the end to win but Shane would be the one to get his hand raised. With the victory it's rumored he's gained serious consideration from management having distinguished himself as one of the few Stars with multiple wins this season.

Result- Shane defeats Craigstation and VTG

*Allen Duncan is always positive and looking to do his best. And The Bulldog is always... The Bulldog. But this Table's Match ended up being a harder hitting affair than anyone anticipated. Despite a moment where The Bulldog couldn't get a table open and cursed "Cheap American Manufacturing" the Englishman was ultimately able to put Duncan through the wood and get the victory. The good times would get even better from their as after the match T. Booker would come out to unveil the New 24/7 Championship and in the free for all scramble that ensued The Bulldog would reclaim the title and escape with it

Result- The Bulldog defeats Allen Duncan and also becomes the NEW 24/7 Champion

*The No Holds Barred Triple Threat Match quickly unraveled as three of FSB's wild cards used any and every thing they could get their hands on to beat the hell out of each other. Orangetuna would end up with his hand raised and score his first victory of the season.

Result- Orangetuna defeats Nightmare and Oli Chamber

*In what turned into a game of cat and mouse, Brother Hero found himself chasing Amanda all around the arena in their Falls Count Anywhere Match. The Queen of FSB had a few of her usual tricks up her sleeve but Hero came prepared to withstand them all. Once Amanda had no where left to run he made quick work getting the pin and the victory.

Result- Brother Hero defeats Amanda

*Spotmonkey showed up to Extreme Rules angry and promising to cause havoc after not being booked on the card. And Havok is exactly what he got when a last second injury saw Spotmonkey inserted into the Inferno Match against the Intercontinental Champion. Spotmonkey didn't flinch and put on a performance that would've surely earned a victory on most days. But Havok continued to show why he has quickly established himself as a champion to be feared with another impressive victory.

Result- Havok defeats Spotmonkey

*With a Champion on each side and their Summerslam challenger on the other this Extreme Rules Tag Team Match had all the makings of an instant classic. And it delivered perhaps the match of the year. From ladders, to chair shots, to double finishers, all four Stars completely tore the roof off the arena and tore into each other. The crowd would leave on a high note as Botiatus pinned Omega for the victory and the announce team wondered if it was a preview of things to come at Summerslam.

Result- Botiatus and DJ Tech defeats Chaos Revolution (The Change and Omega)

GM Note: "Congratulations to all of tonight's winners. As always you may leave a match summary of your victory for an RP point. Summerslam is here which means a new season is set to begin. Title pictures can drastically change and anyone can jump up to instant contender with a great performance.

I also wanted to briefly explain the new 24/7 Championship and how it works. From now on we'll be awarding the title at each PPV to the wrestler who has the highest score and wins their match. This will only be for matches without any championship implications, so anyone in a title match or a No. 1 Contenders Match, as well as any current Champions or No. 1 Contenders will be ineligible to win the 24/7 Championship that PPV. And should their be a tie between to more high scorers then season points will be used as a tiebreaker.

We look forward to seeing you all at Summerslam. We. Are. FSB!" ~GM T Booker

Season 7 Rankings Post-Extreme Rules 2019:

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