FSB Evolution 2018

Updated: Nov 15, 2018

FSB Evolution Official Match Results

*The Preshow featured a Fatal Four Way showcasing both new and old talent. FSB newcomer Spotmonkey picked up what would be the first of many close victories this PPV. Fellow newcomers Pink Pretty Pwetty and Tony Pastaroni put up stiff competition but the time off clearly left some rust on Mikey Mayhem

*In his second PPV, Matthew Newman announced himself to the FSB Universe with a dominant win over Markvs III to close out the Preshow

*Kamren Kash would learn upon arrival that The Star had been medically cleared and thus Kamren had been removed from his Tag Team match. Instead he would open the main card against the always tough as nails Jiro. The "man of many faces" came to fight but a motivated Kash was not to be denied, getting the victory and setting his sights squarely on The Bulldog

*Two Superstars who've faced each other in various group matches over the year squared off one on one this time as Chris Xtreme picked up the solid win over M.A.D.

*The Tables Match between Brother Hero and Craigstation gave fans a back and forth affair. With no count outs or disqualifications this match quickly turned into a battle of ingenuity in which Brother Hero would come out on top, putting Craigstation through a table to get the victory

*These two lived up to their names as Nightmare and Destruction rained down punishment on each other in a Singles Match. Both men would fight to exhaustion but Nightmare would prove to have just enough gas left to get very close win over Destruction

*The bad times just keep on coming for The Star. After being cleared to compete minutes before the PPV, he would walk out to the ring for his match only to then find out his partner JT Will was unable to preform. Things went from bad to worse as GM T Booker came out and stated that there was no one else ready to compete and so Star would have to go at it alone. Cody Cross and The Bulldog would take full advantage, displaying fluid teamwork in dismantling The Star

*The highly anticipated United States Championship did not disappoint. Drifter walked in with a champions confidence and fought the always cocky Botiatus to a seeming standstill. Near falls became an almost constant occurrence but Botiatus found a way to finally get the 3 count and become the New FSB United States Champion "The crowd was at a fever pitch at the opening bell. Botiatus would start off quickly, using his trademark precise and structured offense to take control. He'd eventually run into a Drifter lariat and the Champ would take over, using his dominating power slams and clubbing blows to keep control. Another slam attempt would be reversed and send Drifter into the ropes where he bounced right back into a dropkick. Both men would then slow the pace down with plenty of attempted submission holds and headlocks. They'd match technique for technique until a slick foot stomp gave Drifter the advantage again. He'd soon signal the end to the crowd and lock in the Sharp Shooter. The crowd roared as Botiatus would struggle for over 30 seconds before nearing the rope. Drifter would stand and walk him back to the center of the ring but as he assumed the position Botiatus would reach up and pull Drifter into a small package. After a two count Botiatus would quickly apply ADT. The crowd once again was on its feet as Drifter struggled towards the ropes. Botiatus would drag Drifter back to the center of the ring only to then be put in his own small package. A two count escape left both men lying on the mat gasping for air as THIS IS AWESOME chants thundered around them. Back on their feet to beat the ten count both men unloaded a fury of strikes on each other. Botiatus would catch Drifter with a knee to the stomach. He'd signal the end to the crowd, a move that would instantly infuriate the Champ as Drifter would respond with another unseen foot stomp. He'd stomp on his challenger several times in the corner before being pulled off by the ref. He signaled the end to the crowd as he pulled Botiatus to his feet and prepared him for the High Elevation Powerbomb. But as he was flipped onto Drifters shoulders Botiatus would push off and "accidentally" stomp Drifters foot as he landed. Quickly taking advantage he'd land a House Rules for the three count and New FSB United States Champion, Botiatus!" ~Botiatus

*The Intercontinental Championship Match was another hotly contested "Match Of The Night" candidate. Amanda gave it her all, recapturing the momentum each time she lost it. However Jeremiah Blackwell would capture that momentum one too many times, proving why he's the champ and defeating Amanda to retain his IC Belt

*As the introductions for the FSB World Heavyweight Championship Match were being made, Alpha would come out to seemingly announce his intentions to fight the winner. He would then change course and attack both The Change and Ryan Freakin Jacobs before cashing in his MITB briefcase. What followed was a wild Triple Threat Match that each man looked poised to win at different times but Alpha would have the literal last laugh, walking away with his usual cackle as the now 6 time FSB World Heavyweight Champion. "After Alpha hits both competitors with the briefcase he cashes in. As soon as both men make it back to their feet the bell is rung and Alpha gets to work with a relentless attack on The Change, raining down knees and elbows to the back of the head. Ryan floors Alpha from behind with a massive clothesline to the back of the head. Ryan then picks Alpha up and begins chopping him but Alpha chops back. The Change flys in and nails them both with a double clothesline. He tries to grab Alpha who rolls out the ring while behind him Ryan kick flips back up. Ryan flies in with a right hand but The Change turns in time and counters with Loose Change. The crowd is going wild. The Changes signals for the Fear Of Change finishing maneuver but Ryan escapes, charges into the ropes and catches The Change off guard with a Sling Blade into another Sling Blade and then quickly into a Blockbuster. Now signaling for his finishing maneuver the Big Freakin Splash, Ryan climbs the ropes but is then shoved off the top by Alpha. He climbs the ropes but then is shoved off by The Change. He then climbs the ropes but Ryan would get to his feet quickly and get up the ropes even quicker landing a beautiful superplex from the top rope and converting it into a Falcons Arrow. A kickout at 2 would leave all three men breathing hard on the ground as the crowd is going wild with chants of HOLY SHIT and THIS IS AWESOME. Ryan and Change rise slowly up and exchange slugging blows, Alpha rises outside and climbs the apron. He springboards off the top rope but gets double super kicked and again rolls out the ring. Change is looking at Alpha and turns around into a Ryan superkick. He then climbs the ropes and this time lands the Big Freakin Splash. 1 , 2 , kick out by the Change causes Ryan to hit the mat and argue with the referee. Behind him Change manages to get back up and Ryan is kicked in the stomach and hit with the Fear Of Change. 1, 2 kickout by Ryan. As Change gets up Alpha slides back into the ring and lands a Devastation kick, knocking Change out of the ring. Ryan from behind grabs Alpha and shocks everyone by putting him into the Omega's Beginning submission. Alpha would struggle before reversing it and hitting a Devastation Kick, followed quickly by a second Devastation Kick putting Ryan down. A pin attempt would be broken up by Change who'd then stomp Alpha several times. Signaling the end once more he'd set up for Fear Of Change but be grabbed from behind and tossed over the top rope by Ryan. Ryan turns around into a waiting Alpha who hits Alpha's Ending.1,2,3, Alpha doesn't raise his hands up in victory but instead grabs the title and a mic. He puts clown makeup on Ryan and then turns to The Change sitting against the security wall. "Climb my chaotic mountain. Pray!" ~Alpha

**Congrats to all of tonight's winners. As always, you may leave a match summary of your Evolution victory for a RP point. Survivor Series is up next and GM T Booker will have a major announcement coming for it very soon. We'll see you all there!**

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