FSB Elimination Chamber 2020

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

FSB Elimination Chamber 2020 Match Results

*Last updated 3/8/20:

*The show kicked off with an exciting Triple Threat. All three men were looking to break out of their recent cold streaks and the action swung back and forth. In the end, Orangetuna was able to pick up the pinfall and right his momentum just in time with WrestleMania right around the corner.

Result- Orangetuna defeats Nightmare and The Abominable Yeet

*The first Elimination Chamber of the night was a dazzling display of athletic and innovative offense. All six competitors would end up in the ring at the same time and the field of mostly newcomers were eager to take turns showing what they had to offer to the FSB Universe. Word got out before the match that Dylan Wade particularly wasn't pleased with being placed in a match filled with true rookies. He'd show a flash of aggression and a bit of savvy ring awareness as he eliminated newcomer Morpheus to win the match and guarantee himself a future title shot.

Result- Dylan Wade defeats Morpheus, Xadas, VTG, Blaka Boma and El Greco to win a guaranteed future title shot

*This was a dominant statement win the like of which has rarely been seen in FSB. The Bulldog has had his fair share of bad blood with the live audiences and tonight the vitriol seemed to reach new heights. After starting the match with a quick elimination of Amanda, Bulldog would turn his attention to the booing crowd as he traded insults with them while he awaited his next opponent. This became the reoccurring theme of the match as Bulldog would quickly dominate and eliminate each opponent before turning his attention back to the crowd who's boos only grew louder with each elimination. Adam James would give the crowd one last hope but after a brief flurry of offense he would also fall and The Bulldog would become the new No. 1 Contender for the World Heavyweight Championship.

Result- The Bulldog defeats Adam James, Spotmonkey, Craigstation, Shane and Amanda to become No. 1 Contender for the World Heavyweight Championship

*With Allen Duncan on the outs with Chaos Revolution after his failed cash in attempt, it seems Botiatus has found an unlikely ally. Tonight they teamed to take on Omega and Havok. Omega and Bo would start the match off with a technical flurry of holds and reversals that would set the tone for a high intensity affair. DJ Tech would cheer his brothers on from ringside commentary. But what started as cheers ended as shocked silence as Havok would suffer his first pinfall in months at the hands of Allen Duncan. And then things got REALLY INTERESTING...

Result- Allen Duncan and Botiatus defeat Havok and Omega "The Tag Team Main Event has just finished and Ouija has made his big return.

At this point, Botiatus has slipped out of the ring to grab Havok's Intercontinental Championship belt. Before the smoke can clear, Bo crashes into Havok with the belt, taking him out for the night. DJ Tech comes down to the ring to assist Omega in attacking Bo, and they both assault Bo until Bo spears Omega out of the ring.

DJ Tech attempts to follow, but Allen Duncan attacks him with his briefcase. He hits him with the inverted scoop slam, grabs a mic, and yells, "Get a ref out here, I'm cashing in!" Botiatus is scuffling with Omega at the top of the ramp as a ref runs out. The ref grabs the briefcase and is about to announce the cash in when Allen Duncan says "Wait!" He gets out of the ring and obliterates Havok with a chair as Omega screams with rage, held back by Bo.

Duncan gets back in the ring and climbs to the top, hitting his 450 Elbow Drop on DJ Tech. He goes to the ref and yells "Now!"

The bell rings. The announcement is made. "Ladies and Gentlemen, Allen Duncan is cashing in his Money in the Bank Contract on the United States Championship!" Allen Duncan immediately connects with the Beat Drop and starts laughing. He points at Omega who screams for revenge as Duncan hits Omegas finishing maneuver on DJ Tech and covers Tech for a 3-Count, winning the US title.

Allen Duncan celebrates wildly, exiting through the crowd, stopping at the top of the arena to point at the titantron which allows the following to appear before he vanishes.

#CHAOSWILL****FOREVER" ~Allen Duncan

Result- Allen Duncan defeats DJ Tech to win the United States Championship

**Congrats to all of Sundays winners. Mania is here which means time for a new season! We've got some great updates coming to the website soon that we really think you guys will enjoy. If you would like something for your character for Mania please let Antoine or Commissioner Combs know. We. Are. FSB! ~GM T Booker

Season 8 Rankings Post-Royal Rumble 2020:

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