FSB Elimination Chamber 2019

*The PPV kicked off with a Fatal Four Match. With Wrestlemania fast approaching each of that emerging FSB stars looked to solidify their standing. Adam James continued his momentum from his impressive Royal Rumble performance and got they victory.

Result- Adam James defeats Spotmonkey, Shane Horah and Tech

*The first Elimination Chamber of the night saw a surprising finish. The announcers had speculated all night that there might be a cash in on one of the vulnerable champions. So no one was surprised when music played after Botiatus eliminated The Star to leave only himself and Nightmare. The crowd realized however that it wasn't Mr. MITB as Echo Chamber by Despite played and the mysterious Mr. Hellsaint walked out onto the ramp. He'd catch the champions attention for just a second but that's all Nightmare would need to land his Nightmare Driver finisher and become the New United States Champion!

Result- Nightmare defeats Botiatus, The Star, Craigstation, Jeremiah Blackwell and Teztify to become FSB United States Champion

*Two of the FSB's biggest and brightest threw down in a hard hitting match. Drifter continued his impressive run of positive momentum getting the victory. It seems his change in attitude has done wonders for him as he's on fire and on the way to the Wrestlemania main event.

Result- Drifter defeats Brother Hero

*The main event saw another surprise ending. Omega and Change would both end up starting the match and then trade turns eliminating opponents until it was just them once again. Omega would then prove to have an ally as Daniel Leslie would return to the Chamber help him defeat The Change and become the New World Heavyweight Champion.

Result- Omega defeats The Change, Amanda, Daniel Leslie, Ryan Freakin Jacobs and The Bulldog to become FSB World Heavyweight Champion

GM Note: "Congrats to all of tonight's winners and a special shout out to Nightmare winning his first ever title in FSB! Another great PPV everyone. One more to go before Wrestlemania, see you all there!" ~GM T Booker

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Season 6 Rankings Post-Elimination Chamber 2019:

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