FSB Clash of Champions 2019

FSB Clash of Champions 2019 Match Results

*Last updated 10/5/19:

*The night kicked off with two of FSB's best as The Queen locked horns with The Star. Amanda proved her namesake yet again as she was able to put a stop to The Star's recent momentum and get the victory.

Result- Amanda defeats The Star

*T. Booker ensured their would be no shenanigans during the first championship match as the 24/7 rule was suspended until the conclusion of the title match. He also banned superstars from ringside so that Drifter and The Bulldog would have plenty of room to work and that's exactly what'd they do. Pinfalls were attempted on the ramp, the stage and even the steel steps. The Bulldog was as vicious as ever in his attempt to regain his beloved title but Drifter would find the mark and get the pin atop the broken announce table. He'd then quickly take his title at and make a getaway through the fans as there locker room flooded out of the back the second his match was won.

Result- Drifter defeats The Bulldog to retain the 24/7 Championship

*Money In The Bank was yet another wild affair and gave us yet another surprise ending. Allen Duncan took his recent metamorphosis to the next level as he rose above eight other superstars to claim the briefcase.

Result- Allen Duncan defeats The Change, Brother Hero, Markvs III, Daniel "Logan" Leslie, Nightmare, Adam James, The Abominable Yeet and Spotmonkey to win Money In The Bank

*DJ Tech had his toughest defense to date as Orangetuna squared off with him for the U.S. Title. Tuna appeared poised for the upset but DJ proved that with his new alliance he's more dangerous than ever.

Result- DJ Tech defeats Orangetuna to retain the United States Championship

*After tormenting Bo for weeks with ominous warnings and shall we say spooky tactics, Ouija finally stepped inside the H.O.B. What followed was perhaps the most haunting match in FSB history. Oujia continued to defy and torment Bo throughout the match but seemed to suddenly run out of gas at the end as Bo would outlast his opponent to get the victory.

Result- Botiatus defeats Ouija

**In a strange turn of events later that night, Bo would be seen talking back stage with Drifter. Minutes later Bo would be spotted again, this time fleeing a stampede of FSB Superstars with the 24/7 Title in tow. Although the details are still unclear at this time the one thing that is clear is that FSB has yet another NEW 24/7 Champion.

Result- Botiatus defeats Drifter to win the 24/7 Championship

*Havok was in an even more foul mood than normal after Shane seemed to ignore his existence entirely leading up to their Intercontinental Championship Match. And the champ would unleash all his frustrations in the ring, putting on a show for the FSB Universe as he cruised to yet another victory. Shane had his moments but looked a little off and Havok proved once again that when facing him there's no room for error.

Result- Havok defeats Shane to retain the Intercontinental Championship

*Two of the baddest men in FSB finally met in the ring for the first time as the man of fate challenged the purveyor of chaos for the richest prize in FSB. In probably the shock of the night, the match that started out very evenly divulged into a one sided affair as champion dominated the challenger before securing a submission victory.

Result- Omega defeats Cody Cross to retain the FSB World Heavyweight Championship

GM Note: "Congratulations to all of tonight's winners. Next up is Hell In A Cell which will be FSB'S 50th PPV! We want to send out a sincere thank you to all players past and present for getting us to this point. We will mosey likely do something special to mark the occasion so be on the lookout and we'll see you all there. We. Are. FSB!" ~GM T Booker

Season 8 Rankings Post-Clash of Champions 2019:

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