FSB Extreme Rules - July 19th, 2020

FSB Extreme Rules 2020 Match Results

*Last updated 8/28/20:

*Extreme Rules would kickoff with a fierce Fatal Four Way Tables Match. Four Superstars would make their FSB debuts as Interim General Manager Botiatus continues to bolster the FSB ranks. They'd find some creative ways to use the tables but in the end The Dead One would quickly become a new fan favorite in route to putting Tom "The Phenom" through a table and getting the victory

Result- The Dead One defeats Tom "The Phenom", Zain Ranks and Ryler Symington

*We're not entirely sure if The Bulldog was even aware that he was 24/7 Champion. But either way he showed up to defend his gold and for a minute it looked like he would do it. But just as he was fighting off Nightmare at the top of the ladder it would be Adam James who would come from out of nowhere to take them both out and claim the belt for himself

Result- Adam James defeats The Bulldog, Nightmare, Amanda, The Star and Shane to become the NEW 24/7 CHAMPION

*Brother Andrew and David Frank found themselves locked in a cage with no way out. That seemed just fine with both of them as they were more interested in using the cage to punish each other. In an extremely close affair, Brother Andrew would pick up the victory but pay a heavy cost as he was clearly limping afterwards

Result- Brother Andrew defeats David Frank

*The Messiah has enjoyed a fast start to life in FSB. He's grabbed the attention of both the fans and the locker room. But tonight he was fighting behind enemies lines as he stepped into DJ Techs world for a Nightclub Brawl! The Messiah proved that he had the skills to match the hype but unfortunately it wasn't enough and the tables would soon turn as the champion continued his reign with another strong victory

Result- DJ Tech defeats The Messiah to retain The United States Championship

*This match was brutal in all the right ways. A stretcher was the perfect stipulation as it was clear from the beginning that someone wouldn't be walking out. There were a few haunting moments as well, which is to be expected in a Ouija match. But once the mind games were over Havok would strap Ouija to the stretcher and claim victory

Result- Havok defeats Ouija

*The Change thought he had a mystery opponent waiting for him. Instead he'd be called to the ring by Bo who would take the chance to question The Change's desire to be champion. And before he could answer Change would be attacked from behind by Brother Andrew. It soon became clear that the supposed championship match was actually a cash in. And if it wasn't for his earlier match Brother Andrew would almost certainly be champion right now. Unfortunately for him, the limp he carried cost him dearly as The Change was just able to survive the early onslaught and fight his way to a victory

Result- The Change defeats Brother Andrew to retain the Intercontinental Championship

*This was a stunning result that left everyone's jaw on the floor. And it was all the more shocking that it came due to a stipulation of the champions choosing. Because no matter how many times Omega would knock down Dylan Wade he refused to stay down. More than that, Wade managed to knock the champ down a few times himself. DJ Tech would eventually make his way out to try and tip the scales but he'd be intercepted by The Messiah! All hell broke lose and in the middle of it The Messiah would slide Dylan Wade the belt and he'd use it to deliver a lights out blow that put to end a historic 426 day run

Result- Dylan Wade defeats Omega to become the NEW FSB World Heavyweight Champion!

**Congrats to all the winners and a special shout out to our new champ! SummerSlam is next and we can't wait to see where some of these rivalries are going. We. Are. FSB!

Season 9 Rankings Post-Extreme Rules 2020:

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