Feb 20

"The King Of Extreme": Daniel Leslie makes a challenge to Nightmare at FSB FastLane for the FSB United States Championship


Edited: Feb 21

*"The King Of Extreme": Daniel Leslie wakes up at 10pm at night as he gets changed into his normal clothes as he puts his wrestling gear in his Under Armour backpack then his full big bottle of Cherry Lucazade Sport Isotonic Drink inside it as he zips it up, puts the backpack on his back, then he puts his earphones through the jack on my Note9 and slides it through my shirt, chooses his theme "Beneath My Skin" by Stemm to listen to as he heads downstairs, then leaves the house as he locks the front door and he starts to make his way to the arena by walking there with his normal clothes on but with his wrestling gear inside his Under Armour backpack already set on his back, then he finally arrives at the arena at 11:50pm as he makes his way to the changing room, he heads inside as he takes his backpack off, puts it on the table as he gets his wrestling gear out of his backpack with his drink out then takes his shoes off, then his black jeans and his top as he would then puts his wrestling gear on which is his Under Armour Red/Black CoolGear Vest Top and his black wrestling trousers on with the flame and barbed wire effect on the trouser legs and then puts his black wrestling boots on as he ties it up to a knot on both shoes as he would put his phone, earphones and wallet in his backpack with his normal clothes inside it too as he zips the backpack up then puts the bag into the locker and the normal shoes on top of my backpack then sips his drink before Daniel heads out and shuts the locker as he enters the code: 7-2-5-6 to lock the locker then he heads out of the changing room through the door after he opened it with a sigh as he heads through the backstage production area and his theme: "Beneath My Skin" comes on as he goes through the red curtain and onto the stage as the crowd cheers of excitement as Daniel makes his way to the ring down the ramp as the Ring Announcer says:* Ring Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome: "The King Of Extreme": Daniel Leslie!! *After the Ring Announcer says it, the crowd cheers as Daniel goes up the steel steps, onto the ring apron and into the ring through the second rope as Daniel would then ask the Ring Announcer for the mic as he passes the mic to Daniel as he grabs it and walks around the ring as his theme slowly fades out and the crowd cheers as Daniel stands in the middle of middle of the ring as the cameraman faces the camera on Daniel's head and shoulders as Daniel puts the mic near his lips as he starts to say:* Daniel: "Last Sunday at the Elimination Chamber, I was gonna eliminate my brother: Omega from the Chamber Match but I didn't..so I tried to fight off the FSB World Champion: The Change with every strength that I have but his power has gotten the best of me and got me eliminated from the match." *he says as the crowd boos* Daniel: "Then after I got eliminated, I headed to the back to the production area and I watch my brother: Omega face off against The Change as it was just 2 left inside the Chamber on the screen as I see Omega fighting Botaious off with every ounce of strength that he has to try to win this match." *the crowd cheers and chants: "Omega!" repeatedly* Daniel: "Then after these two colossal titans exchanging blow after blow, clash after clash, Omega thought his heart out as much as he can, he then saw The Change weakened from the loss of blood by clashing Botaious head first onto the unforgiving black steel chain of the Chamber from earlier on in the Chamber Match as Omega realises then I run back out with the kendo stick, sliding it into the Chamber and next to Omega as he looks at the kendo stick and back at me as Omega nod his head at me as he gets the kendo stick, then hits The Change on the head with it, tosses it away and Omega finally hits him with his finishing move as The Change went down, then he pinned him for the final time, 1-2-3 *as the crowd chanted with Daniel:* then after the bell sounded, I was so damn proud of my brother: Omega of becoming the new FSB World Heavyweight Champion as I come into the chamber and through the ring rope as I celebrate with my brother, right here in this very ring!!" *he smiles as Daniel started to cry and the crowd cheers and chants: "You Deserve It!" repeatedly and Daniel wipes his tears and calmed himself down as he says:* Daniel: "Enough with the celebration of my brother: Omega's championship victory, I have come out here, right here..right now in very this ring..because "The King Of Extreme" has got announcement to make. *I sigh as he says:* Soon, the Road to WrestleMania still continues..but at FSB Fastlane..I am gonna be making a challenge to: Nightmare in a No-Disqalification Extreme Rules Deathmatch for the FSB United States Championship!!" *he says and shouts as he is pumped up and the crowd roars of excitement as Daniel faces the stage and says:* Daniel: "So Nightmare, if your out here at the back, I am officially calling your evil clown son-of-a-b**** out, right here and right..NOW!!" *I shout as Daniel throws the mic onto the canvas as the crowd roars and cheers with excitement as he waits for Nightmare's response*

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  • *"The King Of Extreme": Daniel Leslie heads to the city of Houston, Tx by riding there on a Mountain Bike as he heads to the Toyota Center Arena and then he heads inside, he sits on the seats at the back and taking a look at the ring and stage for the Elimination Chamber thinking about what tactic he has tonight, then he nods and heads himself into the changing room with his wrestling gear inside his Under Armor backpack as he sees the other FSB Superstars including Omega as he fistbumps him with respect and he sits on the bench, sighing, sipping my bottle of Lucazade Sport Cherry as he starts to get prepared and he starts to get change into his wrestling gear as he gets the gear out of his back pack first, then he takes his normal clothes off, next he then puts his black jeans on with the red/black shoes and then he puts on his wrestling red/dark gray & white Under Armor vest top on as he puts his normal clothes in his backpack and into his locker as he then walks over to the wall, leaning his forehead on the wall with his forearms on the wall as well, closing his eyes and taking deep breaths as he get nervous about his first ever Elimination Chamber Match for "The King Of Extreme".*

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