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Fantasy Prediction Wrestling (FPW) is a prediction competition game based on results from World Wrestling Entertainment Pay-Per-Views (WWE PPVs). It's kinda like Fantasy Football, but for wrestling. Looking for something that's more like an "E-Fed"? We've got that covered too with immersive roleplaying elements.

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This is your Avatar in the FPW Universe. Your wrestler will join a virtual federation (starting in the fictional indie promotion "FSB") and compete in matches wherein his or her performance will be primarily dictated by your real life WWE PPV predictions.

Make Your Predictions

Submit your WWE PPV predictions for the next upcoming PPV. The Commissioner will publish the form for a new PPV 48 hours before the PPV airs live, with points being tallied live as the PPV progresses. Choose wisely! Your prediction accuracy will dictate how your virtual FPW wrestler performs in his or her next match.

Engage & Roleplay to Earn Bonus Points

Head to the backstage area where you can stay updated on important FPW announcements, cut promos as your wrestler, call out another wrestler you have beef with, interact with other players and management, and help shape the future storylines of your federation! Various actions can earn your wrestler bonus points heading into their next match!

Read The Rules

Familiarize yourself with the game rules, and have fun!

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